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  • 1. Welcome To The North Carolina Senate Youth Information Webinar
    This Is An Information
    Question & Answer Session

2. North Carolinas Official Senate Youth Site
3. Areas Covered In This Information Session
The purpose of the Senate Youth Program
Qualifications to apply to attend the program
Walk through the N.C. application
Discuss some suggestions for submitting a good essay
Discuss the guidelines and expectations for the digital presentation
Discuss how to submit via mail and online
Questions and concerns from the attendees
4. Lets Get Started
Two high school juniors or seniors are selected each year from each state, the District of Columbia and the Department of Defense Education Activity to serve as delegates to Washington Week.
N.C. will have two delegates and two alternates.

  • Alternate #1will serve if one of the delegates is unable to go to Washington in March.

5. Alternate #2will serve in the event that either alternate #1 cannot go to Washington in March or if the second delegate is unable to attend.The student delegates also receive a $5000 undergraduate college scholarship with encouragement to continue their studies in government and history.
6. Can I Apply?
Students DO NOT have to be selected by anyone to be eligible to apply for Senate Youth program/scholarship!All any student needs to get started is an application and the appropriate forms used in the N.C. selection process.
Students only need to meet the eligibility requirements outlined
in the national U.S. Senate Youth guidelines and any additional
eligibility requirements stipulated by the
N.C. Senate Youth Delegate selection process!
Read eligibility requirements here:
National Senate Youth Requirements
North Carolina Senate Youth Requirements
7. The Selection Process
The Hearst Foundations general guidelines
ofhow are the student delegates can be
Public and private high school teachers and principals nominate qualified students beginning in earlyfall.
To qualify students must hold student body office or another elected or appointed position in theircommunities and show academic interest and aptitude in government, history and politics.
Many states administer a comprehensive public affairs, government and history test prepared annually for the program by a college professor of political science and states may also ask for additional essays and/or personal interviews.
The chief state school officer in each state makes the final selection by December 1.
The program is merit-based and highly competitive and the chosen delegates are consistently outstanding.
The NC Department of Public Instructions guidelines of
how are the student delegates will be selected?
Public, private or charter school teachers, guidance counselors and principals nominate or inform qualified juniors or seniors beginning in earlyfall.
Students who feel they are qualified may apply without being nominated, but must have their GPA verified and signatures on their completed applications from their principal, guidance counselor, supporting teacher, and a sponsor from a student government, civic or political organization.
Must be a junior or senior in high school who shows academic
interest and aptitude in government, history and politics and who
is currentlyserving in an elected or appointed capacity in student
government or a related school or community organization.
See: Eligibility in NC
Complete applications must be submitted by the deadline determined.
Applicants are notified as to whetherthe submitted application and materials are accepted or not accepted.
Applications begin a process of review and judging in Phase I.
Candidates are selected from Phase I to continue on to Phase II.
Candidates selected to continue on to Phase II are invited to interview in Raleigh before a panel of judges.
Candidates interview and take a qualifying exam.
Judges determine the two (2) candidates who will represent NC in Washington, D.C. as well as the two (2) alternates.
The NC state school superintendent validates the decision of the panel of judges.
The NC Department of Public Instructions Senate Youth coordinator notifies the Hearst Foundation by December 1.
The Hearst Foundation validates the decision and gives NCDPI approval to notify the selected delegates and alternates.
NCDPI sends a press release statement to each selected delegates local superintendent and school communication department for their local publication.
The program is merit-based and highly competitive and the chosen delegates are consistently outstanding.
8. All applications are DUE October 8, 2011
Submission prior to October 8 is recommended
This will help anyone who may experience technology glitches or failure of any portion of a submission to reach its electronic destination.
Make sure that your 2011 application
looks like this.
You may find a copy in WORD
and PDF at this link:
9. Avoid Common Application Mishaps
In the past students have mailed in their information and did not fulfill the electronic submission that is also required.
No application will be considered without both submissions.Both submissions must meet deadline requirements.
Dont forget to send in an appropriate head and shoulder photo.
Believe it or not students forget to fill out their name.
Students often forget the required signatures.
10. The Essay
2011 Essay Prompt:
The framers of the U.S. Constitution created a presidency that must win cooperation from the U.S. Congress to get the work of government done. The relationship between the U.S. president and its Congress is the most important one in the American political system.

Each applicants essay must:

1. Be typed

2. Be double spaced

3. Not exceed two pages

4. Provide support that offers historical,
contemporary and current examples.

(Any bibliography will be considered separate and will not count as part of the two pagesfor the essay.)
11. Digital Presentation Pointers

Students are asked to make sure of the following:
That the presentation is submitted via the email address provided :
That all hyperlinks work.
That volume if used is loud enough to be adjusted up or down on any computer.
That if a presentation is submitted using a link such as you tube, slide share, etc. it be a link in which the selection committee has the ability to download.
12. Lets Walk Through The Website
A website for easy online access to information that an interested
Candidatewould need has been developed to provide direct access
to the application, requirements, eligibility, qualifications, and links
to the Hearst Foundation.
Lets briefly walk through the actual website
If you have any questions as we go through
the website feel free to type it into the chat
box provided in the webinar dialogue box.
13. What Happens After The Applications Are Submitted October 8, 2011?
My materials have been submitted.Now what?
First round of review
Second round of review
Phase I of the selection process -Essays are read and judged

  • The top 6 are selected to move on to the next phase

Phase II of the selection process Interview with a panel of judges and taking an exam
Notification of the two winners sent to the Hearst Foundation
Notification of the two winners sent to the winners, their schools and superintendents
Press Release sent to the school districts of the winners
14. Lets Discuss What To Expect In Washington, D.C.
What happens during Washington Week?
Washington Week is an intensive week of educational activities in the nation's capital encompassing the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government as well as a perspective on America from abroad.
Events include meeting with the Senate Co-Chairs, Senate leadership and Senate parliamentarian and historian, a Justice of the Supreme Court, the President, officials from the Departments of State and Defense and other executive agencies, a foreign ambassador to the U.S. and senior members of the media. At each event the question and answer session is extensive giving the students direct interaction with the speaker. A highlight of the week is the annual Senate Youth Program Reception.
The Department of Defense provides a team of selected military officers to accompany the delegates throughout the program.
Im really interested in
School Absence (Should Be Coded Excused)
Check out the Washington Week: Photos available online at the Hearst Foundation to get a
better impression of the type of dress code to expect at all times, the types of environments and
activities you will be involved in, as well as the types of places you will visitand people you will
meet.Washington Week: Photos
15. Time For Questions & Concerns From Webinar Participants
What are some of your questions?
Any questions or concerns you may have
after this webinar please
contact Michelle McLaughlin


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