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Semiconductor/ Polymer Integrated Fabrication Facility CLEANROOM Slide 2 WHAT TO EXPECT (OUTLINE) Why a cleanroom? What is it? Facilities Procedures Slide 3 WHY? ITS A DIRTY WORLD! UNCOUNTABLE PARTICLES IN AIR ALL SIZES, SHAPES, PROPERTIES NANOTECH S M A L L L L L L L FRAGILE Slide 4 WHAT is a cleanroom? A room, enclosure, and or environment in which you move the air by way of supply and return locations to control the airborne particle levels and in some cases temperature and humidity. Courtesy of A place where harmful junk is kept away from sensitive items or materials. Slide 5 CLEANROOM CLASSIFICATION Class limits [maximum allowable particles per cubic foot (SI/209) or meter (ISO)] ISOSIFed Std 2090.1 micron0.2 micron0.3 micron0.5 micron5 micron 3M 11100 35 35 1 M 1.51357310 M 21099.1 2.83 4M 2.51010,000 3457530352 100 M 3100991 28.1 5M 3.5100100,000 3,4507503003520 1000 6M 4.51,0001,000,000 34,500N/A 35,200 1,0007 7M 5.510,000345,000N/A 352,000 10,00070 8M 6.5100,0003,450,000N/A 3,520,000 100,000700 Courtesy of Slide 6 CLEANROOM FACILITIES 2003 July 15 Class 10,000 by airflow design Upgradable to Class 1,000 Tested (empty) as Class 1,000 (~780 actual counts) Slide 7 ENTRY INTO THE CLEAN WORLD >>> STOP


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