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I. ObjectivesAt the end of 90-minute period the students should be able to: Identify and distinguish the 3 degrees of comparison of Adjective Recognize the three degrees of comparison in the story State the importance of respecting others.

II.Subject MatterTopic: Degrees of ComparisonMaterials: Power point presentation, video clipReferences: English for a better world by Josefina GabrielValue Infused: Respect

III.ProcedureA. Routinary Activities

1. Classroom Management2. Prayer3. Thought to be treasured4. Checking of Attendance

B. Drill Tongue TwisterSomething in a thirty-acre thermal thicket of thorns and thistles thumped and thundered threatening the three-D thoughts of Matthew the thug - although, theatrically, it was only the thirteen-thousand thistles and thorns through the underneath of his thigh that the thirty year old thug thought of that morning.

C. Review-What is our lesson last meeting?-What is Adjective again?-Can you give example of adjectives and use it in a sentence?

C. Motivation

What have you noticed about the words used in comic cartoons? The topic will be presented into the class.

E. Lesson Proper

What have you notice about the pictures? Can you describe it?

The teacher will presented the videoclip about Degrees of Comparison and support it with discussion.





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Goldilocks and the Three BearsLong time ago, there was a little pretty girl who lived in a house near a big dark wood. Her hair was so shiny and golden and curly that people called her Goldilocks. Every day, she played in the garden. And every day her mother would warn her, Don t go into the wood! Goldilocks often stood on the edge of the wood and peered through the trees. It was full of such delicious smells, such strange noises and such wonderful flowers.One morning, before breakfast, Goldilocks just could not resist stepping into the wood. She walked a little way and picked a bunch of bluebells. Then she chased a red squirrel. But when she turned back, she could not see her house. She was lost deep in the wood. She called and called but nobody answered. Being hopeless she began to cry and wonder. Then she came to the edge of a clearing and saw a little cottage with a low thatched roof. Hopefully, Goldilocks knocked and knocked and her bear friends saw her. Inside she saw a big wooden table and on it lay three bowls of porridge a big one, a middle-sized one and a small one and she taste it and she doesnt say it to the bears.Oh, Im so hungry, thought Goldilocks slipping indoors, and theres nobody here but me to eat this porridge. And she tasted the porridge in the biggest bowl. Owl Thats much too hot. She tasted the porridge in the bigger bowl. Ooh, thats far is colder. Then she tasted the porridge in the smallest bowl it was just right. In fact, it tasted so good that she ate it all up! Looking around, she saw three chairs the biggest, the middle size and the smallest. Oh, Im so tired and theres nobody here but me to sit on these chairs, she said to herself. So she sat in the biggest chair. But though she wriggled and squirmed, she could not feel comfortable. This chairs much too big. So she tried the middle-sized chair. This is too hard. Then she tried the smallest chair. But when Goldilocks sat down, the little chair gave way and broke into tiny pieces! Outch! Picking herself up. Goldilocks went upstairs. In the bedroom, she found three beds the biggest one, a middle-sized one and a smallest one.Oh, Im so sleepy and theres nobody here but me to lie on these beds, thought Goldilocks. So. She lay down on the biggest bed where she tossed and turned for a while.No. no. This bed is much too hard. Then she lay on the middle-sized bed and almost sank out of sight.This bed is much softer! So she lay on the smallest bed and that was just right. In fact it was so comfortable that she soon fell fast asleep.In the meantime, the family who lived in the cottage came back from walking in the wood. Father Bear, Mother Bear and Baby Bear! Our porridge should be cool enough to eat by now, said Father Bear.I do hope so, my dear, said Mother Bear.And so do I, said Baby Bear. Im very hungry.But as soon as they opened the cottage door, they saw that something was wrong. Their three spoons had all been dipped into the porridge bowls!Whos been eating my porridge! roared Father Bear.Mine too, cried the Mother Bear.And whos been eating my porridge! squealed Baby Bear, and eaten it all up!Never mind, said Mother Bear. Daddy will give you some of his. Lets sit down and eat.That was when they noticed the chairs.Whos been sitting in my chair! roared Father Bear.And whos been sitting in my chair! exclaimed Mother Bear.And whos been sitting in my chair, squealed Baby Bear, and broken it all to pieces!Thus alarmed, the three Bears began to prowl around the house, looking for the thief who had eaten Baby Bears porridge and broken his chair.Slowly they climbed the stairs. Father Bear went first. Mother Bear went second. And Baby Bear went third. With his huge paw, Father Bear opened the bedroom door.Whos been sleeping in my bed! he roared.And whos been sleeping in my bed! exclaimed Mother Bear.And whos been sleeping in my bed, squealed Baby Bear. And shes still there!At that very moment. Goldilocks woke up to see three bears leaning over her a little one, a middle-sized one and a bigger one.Get away! Away from this Bears house! she told herself.She gave a scream and leaped off the bed, out of the window and did not stop running until she came to the edge of the wood. There stood her own little house and her mother on the kitchen step anxiously calling her name.Oh Mother! Mother! It was awful! It was terrible! It was dreadful! sobbed Goldilocks, and she told her the story of the three bears. The concerned mother dried her tears and gave Goldilocks a breakfast of bread and honey. But she said rather sternly, Every day I tell you not to go into the wood. And now you know why.I promiseI will never go there again, said Goldilocks.Never, never, never!Then she ate three slices of bread and honey. The thickest, the middle-one, and the tiniest. -Can you say what the appearance of the father bear was?-How about the mother bear and their son?-What are the sizes of their beds? Is there any differences?

D. Generalization-What was the three degrees of comparison?- Will you give example of it?-Can you use it in a sentences?-What can you say about Goldilocks?-Having enough knowledge about the story Goldilocks and the three bears do you think that respect to one another is important into a family and to our friends?

E. Application Directions: Identify whether positive, comparative or superlative the underlined words in the essay Global Warming. Everyone knows that global warming is something to do with the Earths atmosphere with a 1.greater level of greenhouse gases that is used to. There are many reasons for this, but scientist are clear than man that made the problem 2. Worse. The earth supposed to be warm, but what would happen if it became just a few degrees 3.warmer? The sea levels could become the 4. Highest in human history, causing permanent flooding. Most of this are brought about by further breaking down of ice sheets in Greenland and Antartica. The 5. Great Barrier Reef may die with the rise of few more degrees. There would be a 6. huge impact on on human health due to a disruption on farming and 7. larger numbers of mosquitoes and other pest. Perhaps, 8. saddest of all, millions of people may be forced from their homes because of climate change. The 9. good news is that many companies are working to develop renewable source of energy 10. better efficiency fuels for cars. The 11. little things we all do in our daily lives may help contribute to the solutions. IV. Evaluation Directions: Make two (2) groups. Each group will draw on the board what the teacher says. Students take turns drawing. The last person to draw challenges the next person to draw an object that is more____/ ______ er than the last drawing in some way, only using each adjective once per game. The object can be the same as the last one, e.g. Draw a penguin which is fatter than that penguin. Draw a dog that is happier than a cat. Draw a fish that is more blooming than the cat. Draw a flower that is bigger than the fish. Draw a leaves that is more colorful than the flower. Draw a monkey that is more intelligent than the other one.

V. Assignment Directions: Make a comic strip that shows that shows the differences of the bears in the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Be creative!

Prepared by: Veronica Pablo 3SED-En


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