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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Making the Case for Semantic Technology in BusinessSemantic Web Summitby Scott Brinkertwitter:</p> <p>SCALE25.21 billion pages in the indexable web11 trillion unique URLs discovered by Google2109.5 million web sites31,000X more in deep web41 March 20092 Google Official Blog July 20083 Name Intelligence May 20094 BrightPlanet November 2010</p> <p>Scale in content.500 million Facebook users1190 million Twitter users265 million tweets per day34 million Foursquare users41 Mark Zuckerberg July 20102 TechCrunch July 20103 Twitter blog June 20104 Business Insider October 2010</p> <p>Scale in engagement.</p> <p>Searching is hard.</p> <p>But finding (and being found) is valuable.Two technologies can help.(millions)Source: Forrester Research, Inc.Structured data supports SEO (and vice versa).Projected SEO spending in US$2,805 this year$5,078in 4 years</p> <p>Copyright 2010 Scott BrinkerMarketingData MarketingThe data marketing ecosystembeyond APIs.</p> <p>Semantics &amp; relationships to reveal sentiment.</p> <p>Marketing in an age of information overload.Thank you.</p> <p>Scott Brinkertwitter:</p>