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Part of Dreaming Of A New Home series. What The Derrick Team can do for you to sell your home.


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    What The Derrick Team What The Derrick Team What The Derrick Team What The Derrick Team Can Do For You!Can Do For You!Can Do For You!Can Do For You!

  • In A NutshellIn A NutshellIn A NutshellIn A Nutshell

    Selling Your Home Selling your home is not to be taken lightly. As probably one of your largest

    financial assets you need a professional. Read this section for more details.

    Above & Beyond : The Derrick Team Marketing Carpenter Realtors provides all agents an exclusive set of tools for market-

    ing our listings. Details are included in the Home Marketing System tri-fold brochure. If you didnt get a copy in your packet, let us know.

    The Derrick Team Marketing advantage is developing a strong Internet

    presence for the property to make sure more buyers see it giving you a much larger market exposure. We do this though dedicated web sites and

    extensive social media outlets.

    Real World Marketing Examples This is just a few examples of the connection of online and print media to

    maximize the property listing exposure to more buyers.

    Things To Ask A REALTOR Not all REALTORS have the knowledge or tools to give you the maximum exposure. Use this list to interview potential REALTORS.

    The Derrick Team Meet the entire team that will be working with you to get your home sold!

    The Pet Friendly Realtors See why here!

    Connie & Dennis Derrick

    Phone: 317.563.1110 Email: Website: Http://

  • Selling Your Home

    Selling your home is a very serious financial transaction. Quite possi-

    bly your home is your most valuable asset so when you are ready to sell, you want to make sure you do it properly. Some homeowners

    try to sell on their own but over 80% eventually use a REALTOR

    and realize they wasted a lot of time and effort before they did.

    There are a lot of things to consider but the basics are broken down

    to these items.

    You will need to:



    Market Show


    You may be able to figure out some of this on your own but you

    really should consider using a professional REALTOR to make sure each step is done properly and results in the best return for your

    valuable investment.

    Price for the Market For pricing we will do the footwork and evaluate your home and prop-

    erty to help you get the best price for the current market. We do a

    complete Comprehensive Marketing Analysis to guide you to a mar-

    ketable price for your home. If a home is overpriced, it might never

    sell, or at least it will sit on the market for a very long time. Plus if the buyer is financing most of the purchase, it might not appraise for

    the loan and the entire deal will fall through.

    Connie & Dennis Derrick

    Phone: 317.563.1110 Email: Website: Http://

  • Prepare to Show To help you prepare we will offer suggestions for staging your home

    to make it attractive to buyers. We make suggestions on both what

    to make it stage better and what is not worth spending your money

    on. A well staged home will show better attracting more viewers and

    ultimately better offers from impressed buyers. A well staged home often sells sooner than a similar home that doesnt look as nice. First

    impressions make a big difference in home sales.

    Marketing Your Home For marketing we use the best tools available to realtors including the

    comprehensive set of options available through Carpenter Realtors

    that are exclusive to Carpenter agents. The Carpenter Home Market-

    ing System is provided to Carpenter Sales Associates regardless of

    the agents income so every property gets the best marketing avail-able. This system includes print, newspaper, Internet, and even TV

    with Carpenters Showcase of Homes on every Saturday morning. In

    addition to all this The Derrick Team also utilizes our own Above and

    Beyond Marketing detailed later in this book.

    Showing Your Home

    Unlike other Realtors that use less secure combination

    locks, we use the SentriLock lockbox system which allows

    us complete control over who has access to your home.

    This is part of the MIBOR BLC services so only MIBOR members using their assigned security card will be able

    to access your home. Plus these lockboxes only work

    during normal showing hours unlike combo boxes. Carpenter Realtors

    uses Centralized Showing Service (CSS) who will coordinate with you and simplifies the ability of buyers agents to schedule a time to show

    your home. Both these systems allow us to track all showings and

    send you reports with feedback from the buyers agent. We also will

    be happy to hold open houses as we know they do help market your


    Connie & Dennis Derrick

    Phone: 317.563.1110 Email: Website: Http://

  • Negotiate for You Finally, the most important step is when a buyer makes an offer. We

    will work with you for negotiations such as sales price, included

    items, and any inspection issues that may arise. We will be there at

    closing to help you with any questions that may come up. We will

    work closely with you all the way through to make sure no unex-pected surprises come up at the last minute.

    Door to Door Service

    The Derrick Team will also help you find your new home and help ne-gotiate that sales transaction with you. We can even help if its on the

    other side of the country. So we can make sure you go from one

    house to your next with the least inconvenience to you and your fam-


    No Obligations Call Us Today

    Give us a call and well be glad to come to your home and talk to you

    about selling your home with no obligations or hard sell. The Derrick

    Team just wants to help people

    sell their homes. We want to help you sell your home for the best

    possible price, in the least amount

    of time, with the least inconven-

    ience to you and your family.

    Connie & Dennis Derrick

    Phone: 317.563.1110 Email: Website: Http://

    We Love to do Open Houses!We Love to do Open Houses!We Love to do Open Houses!We Love to do Open Houses!

  • Above & Beyond:

    Derrick Team Marketing

    The Power of the Internet: As Carpenter Agents, The Derrick Team utilizes every appropriate form of marketing tools Carpenter

    Realtors provides us but then will do even more for sellers to maxi-

    mize the exposure to interested buyers. As many buyers today do their First Showing online with various Internet sites it is very im-

    portant that an online showing is the best it can be. As most sites pull

    their data from the MIBOR information, we provide the best descrip-

    tions, pictures, links and detailed information to the BLC listing on MIBOR so this happens. Then

    Carpenter Realtors has negotiated with the Indi-

    anapolis Star and to upgrade

    listings with options beyond the standard listing

    advertisements. Carpenter Agents can also add more information at

    In addition to all this great online marketing,

    The Derrick Team will add to the Internet

    showings with a dedicated web site for each of our listings. Why is this important? With each of the products and sites provided to most

    agents, the amount of information and pictures is limited due to the

    large number of listings on each web site. By having a site dedicated

    to each listing we can expand the information, pictures, videos, to as much as we need to properly market

    your property. We register dedicated do-

    main names (such as and then include

    these in all marketing material. A link to this site will be in the BLS information so

    each web site with the listing will include

    a link to your dedicated web site.

    Connie & Dennis Derrick

    Phone: 317.563.1110 Email: Website: Http://

  • But Wait, Theres More! We will use web analytical traffic measur-

    ing tools to track traffic to the site to al-

    low us to fine tune our marketing process.

    In addition to this we market our listings using social media such as Facebook,

    Twitter, our Derrick Team Blog, YouTube,

    Visual Tour, Craigslist, and many more.

    This exposes your property to an even

    wider variety of possible buyers; all those on-line, tech-savvy, professionals.

    Almost any Real Estate Agent will offer

    you some sort of Internet marketing but we know The Derrick Team is one of the

    few who will offer you all of these market-

    ing methods, at no extra cost to


    All our marketing tools will

    make sure your property gets

    the maximum exposure where

    it counts, with interested buyers

    looking for property like yours!

    Connie & Dennis Derrick

    Phone: 317.563.1110 Email: Website: Http://

  • Real World Marketing Examples

    With Maximum Exposure!

    First we create a dedicated area web site:

    Then we blog about it:

    (which is automati-

    cally distributed to

    Facebook, Twitter, and

    other social media


    Connie & Dennis Derrick

    Phone: 317.5