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An introduction to the idea that how you say something may be more important than the rational merit of the idea, when it comes to convincing others. Some pointers to what should be considered when 'selling an idea'.


  • 1. Selling Ideas WE ARE ALL IN SALES T O W O T O I V O L A , L E A D Q U A L I T Y E N G I N E E R , F - S E C U R E L A B S
  • 2. Are you present? A) I am present and ready to engage in a new interesting topic B) I am mostly present and ready to engage, but there are minor distractions C) I have major distractions and it is difficult for me to engage
  • 3. Towo Toivola Engineering- minded business leader Business-minded engineer People Technology
  • 4. Selling Ideas Can you generate value alone in your work? Do people have trouble understanding how good your ideas are? How is the merit of an idea established?
  • 5. Would it be useful for you, if others bought your thinking?
  • 6. Welcome to Sales!
  • 7. The New Sales.. Not sleazy business, but business as usual
  • 8. It is Human Nature sell and how we buy ideas. The format of our message is much more important than we think compare to the payload. And thats a fact. For some, this may be an inconvenient fact.
  • 9. Given This Fact.. Two things help making the interaction a constructive and fruitful one: 1. Being the right way 2. Doing the right things
  • 10. How to Be ABC A. Attuned to the other person Ambreverts Get in their mind Strategic mimicry B. Boyant in the sea of rejection Interrogative self-talk Positive attitude Explanatory style C. Clear and simple in your message Make your idea feel concrete, simple, and clear, compare it Make it easy for them to agree and act Help them clarify to themselves why they like your idea
  • 11. What to Do Improvise Serve Pitch Pixar Question Make them look good Create together Twitter
  • 12. This was a Quick Intro Only There is plenty of work in understanding and applying this well. I will gladly support you in finding material and brainstorming about how to apply.
  • 13. Value? Will you take this information and make it useful for you?
  • 14. Thank you for your time. PLEASE FEEL ENCOURAGED TO APPROACH ME FOR A DISCUSSION. F-Secure Confidential MAY 11, 2014 14
  • 15. Koulutus Hertys - tapahtuu taas jotain johon olisi hyv suunnata huomiota, voi tarkistaa onko vki lsn Kuka, mit - mik on aihe, kuka min olen, miksi puhun teille tst Odotukset - mit yleis voi odottaa saavansa, mit yleis odottaa saavansa? Miksi sill on vli - miksi kuulijan kannattaisi nhd vaivaa ymmrtkseen asian Pihvi, interaktiolla ja kysymyksill - kysymysten avulla pidetn yleis hereill ja esittj paremmassa synkassa yleisn kanssa Kiteytys - mits tss nyt oikein sanottiinkaan Onnistuneisuuden tunnustelu - nkik yleis tss arvoa, aikooko joku tehd jotain eri tavalla tst eteenpin Kiitos - tulee arvostaa yleisn nkem vaivaa ja kyttm aikaa