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This Quick Start Guide gives DJs the basics to use Beatneek platform in order to sell their music at any venue at which they are the DJ.


  • 1. Sell Your Music Directly to Your AudienceQUICK START GUIDE FOR DJS AND PRODUCERS S E L L I N G M U S I C M A D E E A S Y. . . All Rights Reserved by Beatneek

2. Get started in 3 easy steps This Quick Start Guide gives DJs the basics to use Beatneek platform in order to sell music at any venue at which they play or over Facebook and twitter . Why should you use Beatneek ? You are a DJ and a producer. Wherever you play - club, bar, broadcasting on the radio or streaming online - you want one thing. A way to sell your tracksdirectly to your fans. Beatneek has built an app that allows you to sell your creations during your performance - live and in real time. It's fast & easy You keep 65%-70% of your sales revenue You keep all your rights 3. How the Platform Works DJ download the Beatneek DJPro app for Windows or Mac and upload his music to Beatneek. DJs Twitter and Facebook fans canalso communicate with the DJ and buy his music directly and live during the gig Using the Beatneek Mobile App, thecrowd at the party enjoys exclusive content, and buys songs directly from the DJ. A custom campaign isgenerated, promoting the DJ his music, and expanding his network with promoters, club owners and fans. 4. STEP 1 - Register and Set Up of Personal info 1.Registration takes about a minute.Just navigate to the to Sign Up or Log In. 1.After login, navigate to the settings tab.2.Once youre there, you need to fill out the Personal Profile tab. This will provide us with your basic information, create a basic DJ Profilepage, and make payments to you possible. 5. Step 2 Set up to sell a song 1.To sell a song, navigate to the Sell Songs tab after logging in.2.Select New Song. Add cover art. If you do not have your own artwork, no problem! We generatecover art for you free of charge. Just contact 3.Describe your music for yourfans and name your price. 6. Step 2 Set up to sell a song 4.Upload your music Hit submit and youre done!Share your song with your Twitter and Facebook fans Save the new updated music file. This is the only way to associate your music as you play it during the party with your account on Beatneek. 7. Step 3 Install & Use of Beatneek DJ App 1.Beatneek DJ PRO is the free Mac OS X or Windows application that enables the DJs to sell their creations and remixes during theparty. The app supports Serato live, Traktor, and Virtual DJ on MAC OS or Windows. 2.Navigate to the Download tab ifyou are logged in, and then select the DJ Controller for your computer. 8. Step 3 Install & Use of Beatneek DJ App 3.Run the Installer, go through the installation process, and soon youll be ready to use the app.4.Once the application is installed, open up Beatneek.5.Enter the information you used to Log In to Beatneek.6.Next, youll be asked to name a party and give it a location.7.Before you party, email and ask for a poster so your fans can get the mobile app. 9. Step 3 Install & Use of Beatneek DJ App 6.Finally, select the DJ software you will be using. This is the last step before youre ready to go!7.Once youve completed this process, make sure you have your DJ software open. (Serato live, Traktor, or Virtual DJ )8.While playing, you will receive updates in real time about purchases of your music, and other statistics. 10. Sales Analytics 1.Select Songs Sell Status to view your sales analytics.2.See which parties drive your visitors and how they convert so that you can promote your music better. 11. Want to test it out? 1.Start playing one of your songs, using your DJ controller (Serato live, Traktor, or Virtual DJ )2.Download Beatneek Android or iPhone app, and shake your phone to update (itusually takes 15 seconds for the phone to recognize a new song is being played). 3.Hit the like button, and try suggestingand buying your song(s). Otherwise you can view our FAQ, or contact us at 12. Troubleshooting - Traktor 1.Traktor default port is 9000. You can change the port configuration through the Beatneek app, and the Traktor port will be set accordingly.2.In order to start broadcasting you MUST Click on the broadcast button to start the session, the light should stay on solid if there is a connection to theBeatneek server. If it is blinking there is a problem with the settings and you must replace broadcasting port