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Increase sales by improving product images

Increase sales by improving product imagesRoman Aleksandrenko, Product Lead

Roman Aleksandrenko () - not sure yet - it would be the last thing I do:)

-- Best,RomanHolly Cardew () - WHat are you going to call it? +roman@pixc.com_Assigned to you_Holly Cardew () - Here is an option...?Poor product pages are losing you sales...up to 50%

Goal: Increase your sales by optimizing images

User cognitive loadProduct imagesPage load timeQuick growth hacks

User Cognitive Load

Remove the backgroundKeep image sizes consistentUse familiar design patterns How do we make user shopping experience a no-brainer?

Holly Cardew () - can you explain what a familar design pattern is..?

Also make sure that you explain what the hero image is.Roman Aleksandrenko () - Familiar design patterns - Amazon. Ok

2. Product Images

Product to take up at least 90% of the canvasExperiment with hero image size1Ensure you can use the hover zoom on your images1- making hero image bigger resulted in 63% CTR increase. Details are here:

What to do:

Holly Cardew () - this does not have to be on the slide, it can be given in the attached slide decks that you email.

If you want to show where it came from, you should have it as a screenshot to the report... I will create a slide to show you :)

3. Page Load Time

If pages on Amazon slow down by 1 sec, they lose$1.6 Billion a year

1 - Download Chrome extension here:

Measure page load time1Avoid reducing image qualityKeep testing

Holly Cardew () - what do you mean here for keep testing different methods... methods of ?? +roman@pixc.comRoman Aleksandrenko () - Methods of reducing page load..different things will work differently

4. Quick Growth Hacks


Blue Steel triples sales with Facebook

Holly Cardew () - Again, it would be better if you have an example of a store that uses Kit and Pixc .. or at least Kit with a product carouselHolly Cardew () -

360o product images resulted in 40% revenue increase

Holly Cardew () - Add a screenshot example hereHolly Cardew () - Add product photo examples :) Images are the bestTest it out:

Pixc Resize App

Holly Cardew () - Mention that it is free :)Source:

Trust Badge has increased conversion rate by 72%

Trust Badge has increased conversion rate by 72%


Birchbox has doubled referral traffic from social feeds

Holly Cardew () - Add screenshots here of example ads... Today is Cyber Monday so there will be lots

In Summary

There is a truckload of things to do!

Find out what works for you!

Any Questions?