self-conscious emotions. embarrassment shame guilt

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  • Self-conscious emotions
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  • Embarrassment Shame Guilt
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  • What are they and how do they appear o More complicated. o Have no clear elicitors. o Require sense of a self and a set of standards. o Require a certain level of intellectual development. o Depend on the development of number of cognitive skills. o Depend on the person`s own experience, expectations and beliefs. o Appear in failing to meet the standards, rules, goals or expectations of a society or a group.
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  • What is the feeling o A Person wishes to: hide disappear die o A Person feels: disappointment confusion sadness o It causes : emotional change body reactions difficult recovery
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  • Embarrassment
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  • What is it ? o An emotional state, experienced upon having a socially or professionally unaccepted act or condition, witnessed by or revealed to others.
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  • What causes it? o unwanted attention o personal actions o being rejected o being exposed
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  • Symptoms o blushing o sweating o nervousness o nervous laughter o desire to disappear
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  • Shame
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  • What is it ? o A painful emotion caused by a strong sense of guilt, embarrassment, unworthiness, or disgrace.
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  • What causes it ? o Situations of : embarrassment dishonor disgrace inadequacy humiliation moral values break unacceptable actions
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  • Symptoms o internal negative feeling o blushing o confusion of mind o lowered head o desire do hide, disappear o sense of heat
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  • Guilt
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  • What is it ? o A cognitive or emotional experience that occurs when a person realises or believes that they have violated a moral standard and bear sole responsibility for that.
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  • What causes it ? o struggle between ego and superego o harmful /inappropriate behaviour toward others o violating universal moral principles o failing to cope with a situation
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  • Symptoms o strong negative feeling o emptiness o uselessness o crying/sadness o internal anger o depression o desire to die
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  • Shame vs. Embarrassment Shame o does not necessary involve public humiliation o act is known only to the self o is a response to something that is morally wrong Embarrassment o involves public humiliation o act is known/revealed to others o morally neutral, but socially unacceptable
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  • Shame vs. Guilt Shame o violation of cultural or social values o directly about the self o a painful feeling about oneself as a person Guilt o violation of internal values o self is not a central object o painful feeling of regret and responsibility for one`s actions
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  • There are some other self-conscious emotions, such as :
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  • Pride
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  • Empathy
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  • Envy
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