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Self-adhesive labels production Slide 2 2007 Company " Alaska-Polygrafoformlenie " has won 13-th All-Russia competition " the LABEL-RUSSIAN STYLE - 2007 ". On competition a series of labels for wine KABBUKO has been presented. (the customer Joint-Stock Company Vilash, St.-Petersburg. The company has reached the final of the open competition in the field of polygraphic art " the Master of Polygraphy 2007 " in a nomination " Flexible packing " and has presented to the jury packing for sweets "Present". 2008 The investment in the new printing machine Mark Andy XP 5000 was made. This year Company Alaska - Poligrafoforlenie proved its international system of quality by getting certificate of quality ISO 9001:2000. Slide 4 ompanys Structure Polygrafoformlenie Flexible packaging, flexographic printing, rotogravure printing Self-adhesive labels Flexographic printing OOO Polygrafoformlenie Flexo 7A, Volkhonskoye shosse, Leningrad region Tel.: (812) 334-77-20 Flexible packaging And paper labels And various film labels OOO Alaska Polygrafoformlenie 14, Smolenka Embankment 199178, Saint Petersburg Tel.: (812) 380-33-59 Self-adhesive labels Roll packaging Tea packaging Light board boxes Slide 5 OUR HISTORY The polygraphic holding company of " Polygrafoformlenie " LTD now is one of leading Russian manufacturers of the packing production, uniting the largest modern polygraphic enterprises: POLYGRAFOFORMLENIE-FLEXOLTD ALASKA-POLYGRAFOFORMLENIELTD The printing house "Alaska-Print" was formed in 1998. At this time one of the first narrow-roll flexo-grafic printing machines Nilpeter for manufacturing self-glued labels has been established. The long-term operational experience of our technical experts and now is a basis potential of the company " Alaska-Polygrafoformlenie ".. Business re-structuring and formation of " Alaska-Polygrafoformlenie " in 2003 as the joint project of a printing house "Alaska-Print" and polygrafoformlenie ", have united unique technological experience of a small printing house and powerful potential of the largest polygraphic holding. In a combination to investments and equipment by the modern printed equipment, it has enabled within two years to create the newest hi-tech polygraphic complex on manufacture of self-glued labels and flexible packing Slide 6 Sales Growth (thousand USD) Slide 7 Growth of volume of production release (thousand sq. m) The plan for 2008 year. Slide 8 Growth of number of employees (individuals) Slide 9 Share of segments of the market in a portfolio of orders of the company Slide 10 Our achievements 2008 The diploma of the winner of competition in the field of polygraphic art " ProdExtraPack - 2008" in a nomination " Best Pack and Label" Silver medal of 4-th international competition of the best label " GrandEthiket" for a series of labels for campaign D`Asto " The diploma for the third place of 14-th All-Russia competition " the Label. Russian style-2008 " for a series of labels for wine " KAGOR" Slide 11 Our achievements 2004 The diploma of National competition on the best perfumery-cosmetic production of year for polygraphic execution of a label The diploma of the Annual International exhibition " the Equipment, technologies and packing for the food-processing industry The diploma of a specialized exhibition " Modern packing and design " The diploma of Annual competition " Packing-criterion of purchase " Slide 15 1999 Diploma of the 5 th All-Russia Label. Russian style 99" 2002 Diploma of the 1 st international specialized exhibition Magic aroma of tea and coffee 2001 Grand Prix Cyrel of flexographic printers competition of CIS 2000 Bronze medal of the All-Russia contest Label. Russian style 2000 Diploma of the 3 rd prize on the 6 th All-Russia contest Label. Russian style 2000 Diploma of the world-wide competition FINAT 2000, London. Our achievements Slide 17 Modern equipment and application of latest technologies in label and packaging manufacture Flexibility and quick response of a small company combined with the economic and production potential of the largest Russian printing holding High professionalism and long-time working experience of printers, technologists and engineers Our competitive advantages Slide 18 Production capacities of our printing complex, application of the latest Western technologies as well as our own developments and know-how enable us to manufacture any self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging for all industrial branches. In 2004 2007 OOO Alaska Polygrafoformlenie demonstrated a unique growth pace sales increased to 10 times more! During this period main technological departments of printing complex were substantially modernized or re- created, a quality maintenance system was introduced on daily basis, new unique products were launched. The main success of this period is a creation of united professional team of executives, managers and technical workers. ALASKA today Slide 19 In 2004-2007 the output increased tenfold, the cutting department was re-equipped, the total investment volume amounted to USD 3 million. Equipping the ink preparation department with the computerized ink mixing station, modernization of the order processing department, application of the spectrometric color control on all stages of printing, enabled us to steadily maintain the constant quality during the repeated orders. ALASKA today Slide 20 Equipping the design studio and pre-press center with powerful modern graphic stations, calibration of all pre-press process, introduction on a constant basis of the multi-stage quality control system from a sketch to the finished product all this enables us to produce labels of high and stable quality. Statute of the quality procurement system, accepted by our Company, guarantees to the customer that the printed product shall not vary from the approved design and color samples. In June 2006 the Company received a certificate of compliance of our quality management system to the ISO 9001:2000 international standard. ALASKA today Slide 21 The company Alaska-Poligrafoformlenie with each result shows yearly rising 30-40%. As a result in 2008 year company Alaska-Poligrafoformlenie get the statue of the big permanently developing company. Because of that the restyling of the company was made. The new blue-white colours of the logo of Alaska have changed previous green colours. In October of 2008 the new printing machine Mark Andy XP 5000 was bought Slide 22 Our products Products of OOO Alaska Polygrafoformlenie are used by enterprises of all industries : Cosmetics and perfumery: - labels of the highest complexity combining various printing and finishing methods made of paper, film and metallized self-adhesive materials. For the packing of small cosmetic testers (sachets) of shampoos, creams, gels, damp toilet tissues we produce roll packaging out of multilayered composite materials. Foods: - the widest range of labels from simple thermo checks for large food selling chains and hypermarkets to multicolored labels with protective UV lacquer cover. Our labels are used by the meat and fish processing, bakery, confectionery and dairy businesses as well as the fast food chains. Non-alcoholic beverages: - labels out of transparent and white film and paper self-adhesive material for mineral waters and sodas. Slide 23 Alcoholic beverages: - elite labels made of metallized and transparent materials with combination of flexographic printing, foil embossing, debossing and holograms. Special offer for tea packing companies: - tea bags (sachets), tea tags for various types of packing equipment printed on paper and ardboard with a special latex or polyethylene cover and double-side printing. Household chemical products: - multicolored labels with the high requirements to the maintenance of the branded colours (pantones), with the complicated configuration of die-cutting and finishing. Auto chemical products: - with lamination of transparent films and protective UV lacquer cover, at present with more and more complicated design with various foils embossing. Our products Slide 24 We also make labels for: pharmaceutics, advertising labels, labels on home appliances, on the building, industrial goods or on group packing. Rolled packing - is used by the enterprises having the packing lines. The enterprises of the food-processing industry - the basic consumer of rolled packing from a foil, the laminated paper, film materials. The special paints certificated for food packing (without direct contact to a product) are used at manufacturing. For packing disposable cosmetic samplers (sachet) of shampoos, creams, gels, damp napkins we make rolled packing of multilayered composite materials. Boxes from an easy cardboard: - for the enterprises of the cosmetic industry, pharmaceutics and medical products, cases for various production, and also for advertising and promo-actions. They are made from enamel- cardboard with UV-varnishing, foil embossing and relief embossing, pressing of holograms. Our production Slide 25 Advertising labels and promo-labels: - labels with figure from glue, advertising stickers and self-glued tapes, promo- labels with the separated coupon for carrying out of advertising actions and discounts systems. Thermocheques and labels from thermocardboard: - are made of a self-glued thermopaper with a covering and without it, it is constant in a warehouse there are standard sizes for various types of thermoscales and cash terminals. Any labels from self-glued thermomaterials for logistical processes - for boxes, rolls, pallets, standing and accompanying labels of terminals. Our production Slide 26 Our offers Development of design of the labels, full prepress preparation of the customers original-breadboard model, a digital colorproof, a conclusion of digital printed forms on technology CtP (Computer-to-Plate). UV-flexopress (up to 8 paints), a press water paints + a v


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