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Selenium is open source tool use for webpages automate.


<ul><li>1.SELENIUM BASICDasun Eranthika</li></ul> <p>2. Content2 What is Selenium? Languagessupported by Selenium Browsers supported by Selenium OS supported by Selenium Components of Selenium How to install Selenium IDE How to configure Selenium WebDriver XPathSelenium Basic | Dasun Eranthika 11/18/2012 3. What is Selenium?3 Selenium is an open source automation testingtool for web based applications. Languages supported by Selenium Java (Famous) C# Ruby Python PHP Pearl Should know at least on programming language todigging deeper Selenium.Selenium Basic | Dasun Eranthika 11/18/2012 4. What is Selenium? (cont.)4 Browsers supported by Selenium Mozilla Firefox(till latest version) IE 6,7,8 Google chrome Opera 8,9,10 Operating Systems supported by Selenium Windows Mac Linux Unix Many moreSelenium Basic | Dasun Eranthika 11/18/2012 5. What is Selenium? (cont.)5 Components of SeleniumSeleniumSeleniumSeleniumWebDriver GridIDERC Selenium Basic | Dasun Eranthika 11/18/2012 6. What is Selenium? (cont.)6 Qualities of Selenium componentsSelenium Basic | Dasun Eranthika 11/18/2012 7. How to Install Selenium IDE7 Selenium IDE is only compatible with MozillaFirefox. It can directly download as an add-on toFirefox browser from Selenium official website( So, its better to browse with Firefox. Selenium Basic | Dasun Eranthika 11/18/2012 8. How to Install Selenium IDE8(cont.) Click Firefox&gt; Web Developer&gt; Selenium IDE or press Ctrl+Alt+S to getClick Install Now button ofitthe installIDEand and restart the browserAllow Selenium IDEto pop-upGo to linkmenuclick to download SeleniumSelenium as Add-onIDESelenium Basic | Dasun Eranthika 11/18/2012 9. How to configure WebDriver9 Selenium WebDriver can be downloadedfrom Also get Selenium Javadocs on the site. Javadocswill contain all the information about thearchitecture of WebDriver While developing the WebDriver code, you canactually rely on that architecture and refer to themin case you are stuck in selenium. Selenium RC has a jar file called selenium-server.jar which will be needed to start the server In selenium WebDriver, there is no server whichyou need to start. Selenium Basic | Dasun Eranthika 11/18/2012 10. How to configure WebDriver10 (cont.) In selenium WebDriver, there is no server which you need to start. Selenium IDE is having the core engine which is based on JavaScript can also write your own code in java script and extend the functionality of IDE (e.g.: we can read the test data from XML in IDE)Selenium Basic | Dasun Eranthika 11/18/2012 11. How to configure WebDriver11 (cont.) Open Eclipse and configure the .jar file in particular project properties. 1. Go to the Properties of the Application&gt;JavaBuild Path&gt; Libraries 2. Click on Add External JARs button and addthose jar files to the project. Selenium Basic | Dasun Eranthika 11/18/2012 12. How to configure WebDriver12 (cont.)Selenium Basic | Dasun Eranthika 11/18/2012 13. XPath13 XML Path Language, is a query language for selecting nodes from an XML document addition, Xpath may be used to compute values (e.g., strings, numbers, or Boolean values) from the content of an XML document Xpath was defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Ill come with detailed slideshow about Xpath later.Selenium Basic | Dasun Eranthika 11/18/2012 14. 14 For more readings, browse, the official Selenium website To download the PDF, Selenium Basic | Dasun Eranthika 11/18/2012 15. The Journey Just BeganIm inSelenium Basic | Dasun Eranthika </p>