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Seismic Attributes by\ Asmaa Mohamed Abdallah

Seismic Attributes by\ Asmaa Mohamed AbdallahSupervisionProf . Dr. Ahmed Sayed Abu El-Ata

What is Seismic Attributes? Seismic attributes are all the information obtained from seismic data, either by direct measurements or logic or by experienced-based reasoning .

Why do we generate Seismic Attributes?

To Enhance structural and stratigraphic featuresfor the interpreter on seismic sections . Locate misinterpretation . Get information on lithology, facies or fluid content. Reservoir characterisation

The Historical Prespective Of Seismic Attributes A time line of seismic attribute development

Classification of Seismic Attributes Physical Attributes attributes Pre -stack Post-stack attributes Geometric Attributes Dip Like, Azimuth Coherence Curvature Ant Tracking

Instantaneous Frequency Instantaneous Phase

Seismic time slice Coherence time slice

Ant track Seismic

Case Study

A segment of a seismic section

stratal slices

A 3D view of the stratal cube extracted from the energy attribute .

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