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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>ORIENTAL REGION</p> <p>ORIENTAL REGIONThis region includes Indian sub-continent Ceylon Burma Philippines. Formosa and Scathe China, form the North of this region Himalayas are present. On the West of it Arabian sea is present. In the South east corner physical boundary is absent. This region includes 4 sub regions. This region shows tropical and temperate zones. In the North East Asia rain forest is present towards the west desert is present. The remaining part shows plains and rivers hence this region show different types of conditions. Hence more vegetation is present and more fauna is seen.Geographical RangesOver 170 species of antlions (in 42+ genera) live in the Oriental Region, which includes Pakistan, India, Southeast Asia (Afghanistan, Nepal, Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia) the Philippines, and western Indonesia(Sumatra, Java, Borneo).</p> <p>Physical FeaturesIt is separated from palaeartic by Himalayas in north and bounded by Indian ocean and Pacific ocean.There is no physical boundary in southeast corner.Northern Indian is chiefly composed of grassy plains with scattered trees &amp; bushes.The northwest is occupied by deserts, while southern portion is more rich in vegetation &amp; forest.Srilanka, Malaysia, Indonesia &amp; Indochinese regions are almost entirely covered with thick tropical forests.Four Sub Region Of OrientalIndian sub-region</p> <p>Ceylon sub-region</p> <p>Indo-China sub-region</p> <p>Indo-Malayan sub-regionMammals in oriental regionsThis region includes 30 mammalian families.1. Shrews2. Rabbit3. Canis4. Cat 5. Aye-aye (Hyaena) 6. Bears 7. Equus8. Rhinoceros9. Great apes like Orangutan, Gibbon Gorilla, Chimpanzee Alirus (Himalayan Pander) 10. Camel In this region tree Shrews, flying lemurs, Indian Bisons are exclusive.</p> <p>ShrewCanis</p> <p>Hyaena</p> <p>Indian BisonsOtter.well distributed in worldeats fish,frog,crabs, birds,and roodents, 20% of their body weight eat in just 1 day.</p> <p>Himaliyan Bear.omnivore creature.eatacrons,nuts,fruits,insects and honeyroot</p> <p>Malayan Sun Bear.eats seed pods,flowers,eggs insect larvae</p> <p>Sloth Bear.eats roots,berries,small rodents,lizards and earthworm</p> <p>Wild is a picky eater and eat both plants and animals small vertebrates and invertebrates </p> <p>Tapir.feeding on a variety of water plants,leaves,fallen fruits buds and twigs</p> <p>Elephant.herbivore.eats pineapple,sugarcane,bananas,coconut,grass bamboo and watermelon</p> <p>Indian pangolin.eats ants and termites.toothless mammal</p> <p>Tiger.deer,antelope,monkeys,camel and even horses.most favourite is deer and wild bear</p> <p>Cheetah.thomson s gazelles.and zebra are most favourite</p> <p>Panther,leopard.hoofed mammals like.mice,parcupines and hares</p> <p>Bats.aerial hawkers,ground feeders ,necter,fruits ,frogs,and fish</p> <p>Golden small antelope,reptiles,insects,birds,fruits and grass</p> <p>Hylobates</p> <p>Tarsius and Bamboo rat</p> <p>THE END</p>