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  • SEED David Millson Transportation Final Fall Presentation Daniel Sturnick Chris Abbot-Koch Lance Nichols
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  • Our client Mr. Milson needs a safe and reliable means of transportation from his house to his pond. Due to a medical condition he is no longer able to access his pond under his own power. The pond is located roughly 300 feet in the linear direction and has a 200 foot vertical drop in elevation. There are obstacles such as wetland and rough terrain standing in the way as well. 200 ft 300 +/- 50 ft
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  • Back to the Drawing Board After meeting with our host David Millson Our tram proposal didnt quite capture Daves creative mind. David really liked the idea of aerial transportation We are happy to oblige!
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  • Cable Cart Great means of aerial transportation. Point to Point means of transportation Fulfills Daves desire to be airborne while traveling to and from his pond Minimal amounts of material
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  • Cable Cart In our new design, weve incorporated the house and porch to provide means of support Direct entrance to car from porch. Forward/Reverse/Stop capabilities Controls on board, at the top and bottom landings. Middle Support? Cart Cables Electric Winch Pond House
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  • Cart Design 1 Length: 5Width: 4 Height: 3 Door opens to be 29 wide Metal frame: 2 thick Aluminum Square Stock
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  • Cart Design 2 Length: 4, Width: 3(Handicap accessible standard), Height: 3 Collapsible front and rear door that turns into on/off ramp Personalized Cup Holder? Transparent sides and bottom
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  • Electric Winch With Worm-Gear Drive Mechanism Large speed reduction ratio Self-locking, the gear cannot reverse drive the worm Good for low horsepower applications Low cost High output torque in a small package
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  • Safety Features Added risk to being in the air In the event of a failure: Power Failure: Back-up Battery Power Supply Automatic Charging Feature Mechanical Failure: Alternate cable engaged to cart, electrical/mechanical breaking winch safely lowers him to bottom.
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  • Moving Forward Design Inspection Cart design must meet ANSI standards for what is classified as people movers. Need text/pdf for ANSI A17: Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators Finalize Cart Lift Installation Inspection Licensed Contractor Hired For Installation Final people mover Certification
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  • Engineering Problems Anticipated Budget Davids original budget was set between $30,000- 35,000 Anything less would be greatly appreciated
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  • Engineering Problem Winter is here to stay No work will be able to be done on Daves property until the ground is no longer frozen. Where will heavy machinery be able to access his property? Stress analysis on cables + car Need to factor cross winds and cart rotation (Personal Concern) Is an intermediate support structure needed?
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