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Bancroft Maritime Security Solutions Service Offerings
By Captain David G Bancroft MNM
Bancroft Maritime Security Solutions
Who we are:
The Idea of BMSS formed whilst in command of UKMTO after dealing with Private Security Companies who clearly had little or no Maritime expertise. We are a committed group of Seafarers who use our hard won knowledge to assist other Seafarers and Shipping Companies to try to mitigate the risk associated with all manner of Maritime Security issues.
What we offer. Training
Formulate the countermeasure. Piracy Advisors
People who are seafarers and understand the environment.
People who do not need to rely on weapons but can safely and securely use the in depth knowledge of the situation to efficiently and confidently deal with the problem
Impartial Advice Where the safety of the seafarer is put
before personal gain.
to HRA transit
1 day Compressed
Bancroft Maritime Security Solutions
in 2011)
Bridge Advisor Monitoring
Provision of PFSO’s, CSO’s and DPA’s
Conference Speakers Advance Party Port Call Assessments for Cruise
Close Protection Officers
Cruise Ship Security Personnel
For more information please contact the Admin Team [email protected]
Tel : +4420 8133 0023