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Ancient Middle East and Egypt Section 5: Roots of Judaism

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  • Ancient Middle East and Egypt

    Section 5: Roots of Judaism

  • The Ancient Israelites Shape a Unique Belief System

    The Israelites were monotheistic. They recorded history and laws in

    the Torah and the Talmud.

    According to the Torah, Abraham is the father of the Israelites.

    He and his family migrated to Canaan about 2000 B.C.

    Later, Moses led the Israelites from Egypt, where they had been


    David united the twelve tribes of Israel, and his son Solomon built

    the capital of Jerusalem. In 722 B.C., the Assyrians conquered

    Israel, and later the Babylonians captured the land of Judah.

    Many Israelites were exiled to Babylon.

  • Judaism Teaches About Law and Morality

    Israelite society was

    patriarchal and ordered.

    Jews followed the Ten


    handed down to Moses.

    Prophets emerged who

    urged people to follow a

    code of ethics.

    Beginning with the

    Babylonian Captivity,

    Jews spread out into

    different parts of the

    world in a migration

    known as the Diaspora.

  • Ancient Middle East and Egypt

  • Comparisons of Three Monotheistic Religions