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  • 7/25/2019 Secrets of Top-level Chess - Puzzles


    Secrets of Top Level


    Matthew Sadler

    Question 1.

    White to play.

    Is 8.Nxc6 a good move?

    (Choose all that apply).

    a) Yes, it doubles Blacks pawns.

    b) No, it helps Black bring a pawn

    closer to the center by recapturing

    with the b-pawn.

    c) No, after 8...dxc6 Black's light-

    squared bishop is ready to be


    Question 2.

    Due to the symmetrical structure

    Black is close to equality, however

    not quite there yet.

    What problems does he have to


    (Choose all that apply).

    a) His king is not really safe.

    b) His pieces are somewhat

    uncoordinated. They take away each

    otherssquares and paths.

    c) His queenside pawns are

    vulnerable to attack by Bf4 and c3

    followed by Qb3.

  • 7/25/2019 Secrets of Top-level Chess - Puzzles


    Question 3.

    Black to play.

    After 19.g5 is Black losing a piece?

    Question 4.

    Black had to save his bishop, so he

    played g6. Thinking long-term, what

    opportunities does this give to


    (Choose all that apply).

    a) White might be able to open the

    h-file with h4-h5.

    b) Black might get some issues with

    the now weakened dark squares in

    his Kingside position.

    c) The pawn move has no long-term

    consequences for Black whatsoever.

  • 7/25/2019 Secrets of Top-level Chess - Puzzles


    Question 5.

    White to play.

    How can White further improve his

    position and bring his light piecescloser to the Black King?

    Question 6.

    Black to play.

    What tactical shot has Black got


  • 7/25/2019 Secrets of Top-level Chess - Puzzles


    Question 7.

    Which piece is White's major asset in

    this position?

    a) Nc3

    b) Bd2

    c) Bg2

    Question 8.

    Black to play.

    Any tactics here?

  • 7/25/2019 Secrets of Top-level Chess - Puzzles


    Question 9.

    White to play.

    How can White release the pressure

    from the somewhat loose d2-bishopand c3-knight whilst challenging

    Black's queen?

    Question 10.

    White to play.

    After 20.Qd7, Black defended the

    Bishop with Rb8.

    White had another threat though.

    Can you find it?

  • 7/25/2019 Secrets of Top-level Chess - Puzzles


    Secrets of



    The Solutions.

    1 b and c are both correct.

    2 Again, b and c are correct. Blacks pieces get in each others way and White will

    soon pressure the Queenside pawns.

    3 No, Black can play 19...Ng6, counter-attacking the f4 Bishop and clearing an exit

    for the f6 Bishop.

    4 a and b are correct.

    5 25. Bf6! clears the e5 square for the Knight without exchanging off the Bishop off.

    6 27...Nxg5! 28.Bxg5 f6 helps free Blacks position.

    7 c. White's long range light-squared bishop is a huge asset! Not only does it have

    no adversary, it also creates great pressure on c6 and b7 while also controlling the

    important central squares e4 and d5.

    8 1...Nxh2! wins a pawn and the exchange as 2.Kxh2?? Ng4+ 3.Kg1 Qh5 and the

    mate cannot be stopped.

    9 22.Nb1! A beautiful resource with the point that Black cannot take on a2 due to

    23.h3, embarrassing the g4-Knight!

    10 21.g3! wins material as Qxf3? 22.Rxh6+! Kg8 3.Bh7+ Kh8 4.Bg6+ Kg8 5.Qe6+ Rf7 6.