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  • 1. To Convert Browsers into Buyers

2. me 3. Secret 1: 4. DESIGN ISNT A THING. THE FREQUENCY IS YOUR MESSAGE -YOUR WORDS. DESIGN IS THE AMPLIFIER. 5. This is a web page. There's not much here. Just words. And you're reading them. We've become obsessed with fancy designs, responsive layouts, and scripts that do magical things. But the most powerful tool on the web is still words. I wrote these words, and you're reading them: that's magical. I'm in a little city in British Columbia; you're probably somewhere else. I wrote this early in the morning, June 20th, 2013; you're probably reading it at a different time. I wrote this on my laptop; you could be reading this on your phone, a tablet or a desktop. You and I have been able to connect because I wrote this and you're reading it. That's the web. Despite our different locations, devices, and time-zones we can connect here, on a simple HTML page. I wrote this in a text editor. It's 6KB. I didn't need a Content Management System, a graphic designer, or a software developer. There's not much code on this page at all, just simple mark up for paragraphs, hierarchy, and emphasis. 6. I remember teaching my daughter to code HTML when she was 8. The first thing she wrote was a story about a squirrel. She wasn't "writing HTML"; she was sharing something with the world. She couldn't believe that she could write a story on our home computer, and then publish it for the world to see. She didn't really care about HTML, she cared about sharing her stories. You are still reading. Think about all the things you could communicate with a simple page like this. If you're a businessperson, you could sell something. If you're a teacher, you could teach something. If you're an artist, you could show something you've made. And if your words are good, people will read them. If you're a web designer, or a client who is working with one, I'd like to challenge you to think about words first. Instead of starting with a style guide or a Photoshop mock up, start with words on a page. What do you have to say? If you don't know, there's not much use in adding all that other cruft. Just start with one page, with a single focus. Write it and publish it, and then iterate on that. Every time you're about to add something, ask yourself: does this help me communicate better? Will that additional styling, image, or hyperlink give my audience more understanding? If the answer's "no", don't add it. At its heart, web design should be about words. Words don't come after the design is done. Words are the beginning, the core, the focus. Start with words. Cheers, Justin Jackson 7. I am moving to my first apartment in the city and I dont have a ton of money to spend on fancy furniture. I desire quality, durability and want my place to look great. My First Place Molly 24-34, single, renter Lifestyle Pain Point Style Social Furniture is expensive Modern Energetic Little $ to furnish apartment High End On the Go Cost Effective Words I use What do I really think and feel? What do I gain? I dont have time to look. Im too busy. I want to have the apartment of my dreams but I feel like I will never have it A sense of accomplishment I wish my apartment could look like Kates does I want to have my friends over and feel proud of where I live Somewhere to relax and chill out from work 8. Secret 2: 9. Secret 3: 10. Headline Tagline Fill a need/desire 11. 7 second 12. Where am I? What can I do here? 13. 7 second 14. Secret 4: 15. Will this help me to communicate better? Will this help my customers understand better? 16. Your website 17. Secret 5: Picture of one noodle 18. You dont convince them, they convince themselves. 19. All the things a visitor could do on my site 20. The action I want a visitor 21. Secret 6: 22. Who is this Stranger? 23. Secret 7: 24. I will test my __________________ __ to find out __________________ 25. Secret 8: 26. I promise: Tomorrow I will rewrite my About Us page so it is about YOU and not about ME and post a link in the Web-group forum 27. The About Us Secret Sauce Formula 1. What does your BestC worry about? 2. Identify their pain. Use their words 3. Solve their problem 4. Tell them who you are the expert 5. Opt-in form 6. Photo of you 28. Secret 9: 29. There is one web design mistake that causes you to lose out on sales And you could increase your conversion by 100% or more! 30. You are a jewellery designer bracelet s necklac es ear rings gemsto ne silver Home parties boutiqu e necklac es Bead necklac es 31. Fewer Pages = Happy Visitor Dont list all products/ services on one page chunk them down 32. Annoying and Confusing 33. Same options less overwhelming The 3x3 Rule 34. Secret 10: 35. Serif Sans Serif Measure Line Height 36. Draw a coffee cup 37. Canonical Perspective 38. Secret 11: Bonus Bunch 39. Next steps Group forum and post up questions Membership page for lots of bonus material Come to the Pricing Boot Camp Private Advisory