second conditional. or unreal conditional if + simple past + would +verb(base form) main clause +...

Download Second Conditional. or Unreal Conditional If + simple past + would +verb(base form) Main Clause + If- Clause (would/could/might) + (simple past tense)

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  • Second Conditional

  • or Unreal Conditional

  • If + simple past + would +verb(base form)Main Clause + If- Clause(would/could/might) + (simple past tense)

    We use the second conditional to express an unreal or unlikely situation in the present or in the future.

  • Explanation!

  • The Simple Past Tense and would, could, might in the second conditional dont refer to past time.They refer to the present or future.

  • There is not a big difference in meaning between would, could, or might in the second conditional.

  • examples

  • If I had something to eat..

  • I would finish it in two minutes.

  • If I had three bananas, I would give you one of them.

  • If I had ten thousand dollars,

  • I would buy a beautiful car.

  • If I had a helicopter, Id fly to school, and wouldn't be late.

  • explanationI would or short form Id

    I would fly to school or Id fly to school

  • Situation: You are watching the stars one night with a friend. You start talking about aliens. You say:

  • If some aliens landed on the earth,

  • Id make friends with them.

  • What would you do?

  • ..if you were alone on an island.

  • If your teacher were in Turkey now,

  • He would rest at the beach.

  • explanationWe use were instead of was in the if-clause of the second conditional.Example: If he were here,..If I were thereEtc.

  • What are you doing?If I were you, I wouldnt do that.

  • Exercises

  • Complete the sentences.

  • If you studied hard,

  • If you had a drivers license,

  • If you were rich,

  • If you found ten thousand dollars in a bag in the park,

  • If you saw a thief robbing a store,

  • If you were on a ship and it started to sink,

  • If somebody stole all your money,

  • If your best friend told you a lie,

  • If you met a hungry tiger in the jungle,

  • If you were a teacher,

  • If you had an opportunity to meet a great artist.

  • Complete the sentences.

  • The planet would be cleaner if

  • Our city would be safer if

  • Our school would be nicer if

  • Our country would be richer if

  • My house would be more beautiful if

  • People would be happier if

  • My parents would be proud of me if

  • My friends would like me more if

  • I would be the best student if

  • I would help poor people if

  • It would be better if


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