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I presented this to students at The University of Georgia on how to use social media to find a job.


<ul><li>1.Finding a Job BEFORE GraduationAlex PutmanDirector of Global Talent Acquisition@alexputman |</li></ul> <p>2. Tweet This!@alexputman @CaseMate at #UGA totalk about finding a job. CaseMate hasjobs, careers tab 3. Table of Contents Who are you on-line?o Where are the employers posting jobs? Importance of Networkingo Social Networkingo Traditional Networking Creative Resume Ideas Stand out! Researching Companies 4. Who Are You On-Line? 5. Where Are Recruiters Looking? Social Networks (Facebook, LinkedIn) RSS Feeds Aggregators (Indeed, SimplyHired) Virtual Worlds (SecondLife) Video (YouTube, Vimeo) Podcast ( Blogs (WordPress, Blogger) Micro Blogs (Twitter, IM, Texting) Wikis Bookmarking (StumbleUpon, Digg) Location Based Social (Foursquare, FB Places) 6. Google Google yourself Clean upo Photos/contento Profanityo Negativity TalentWise Manage digital reputationo Google alertso SocialMention.como Control your 7. 8. Importance of 9. LinkedIn Complete profile Keyword optimization Groups Answers Follow companies Recommendations CardMunch mobile App 10. 11. Tweet This!@CaseMate has some really cool products@alexputman brought in #phantom casesfor students and they totally rock! 12. Twitter Follow recruiters/hiring managers/companies Tweet and retweet companies Directories (Twellow) #jobs 13. 14. Facebook Privacy settings Like company pages Interact with companies on their pages Search job tabs Jobvite App 15. Traditional Networking Internship CO-OP Campus Career Center Meet-ups Volunteering Community Services Georgia Association of College and Employers on 4/10 16. Creative Resume Tips 17. 3 Minutes: How to Impress 18. Tweet This!@CaseMate is giving away a tablet orphone everyday on their facebook fanpage, "like" their page today, thanks@alexputman 19. Creative Resumes QR code Video 20. QR CodesWhat is a QR Code?2 dimensional barcodes that are easily scanned using anysmart phone. This code will then be converted into a pieceof (interactive) text and/or linkHow can I use it for job search? o Use it for VIDEO o Shows creativity o Create memorable content o Create on o 21. 22. Stand Out!! 23. Applying InnovationWhat does a termite hill and architecture havein common? 24. The termite mound uses tunnels to cool control temperature at an even 82 degrees.The East Gate Centre saves $4 millionannually on air conditioning cost!Think innovatively and creatively;many things outside your currentscope are possible! 25. Stand Out to the Right Person How do you apply for a job? Who is your resume going to? Find the decision maker:o Google search for the hiring managero LinkedIn search for 2nd and 3rd level connectionso Call in and ask someone (tell them you are ajobseeker)o Talk to friends, neighbors, anyone you 26. Be Memorable 27. Blogs Control the content Great example of your interest and abilities SEO: search and be found Guest blog Comment &amp; Engage Connect resume &amp; 28. 29. Tweet This!@alexputman has a great blog discussingsocial media and is awesome! 30. Mobile Appso LinkedIno CardMuncho Monstero Careerbuildero Indeedo JobSpeek 31. Mobile RecruitingAlways on, always with us, always connectedIn an average 1 week period ___% of mobile users will: 81% browse internet 77% use a search engine 48% watch a video 63% access a social network 39% use in bathroom 33% use while watching tv 70% use while in a store 74% make a buy decision based on info from smartphone 95% use to find local info 71% of mobile search is due to seeing an ad 42% people click on mobile 32. Research Companies 33. Research Companies LinkedIn Google Facebook Fan Page 34. Life @ Case-Mate 35. Tweet This!I would love to work @casemate, they arelooking for a summer marketing interncontact @alexputman @Daisholland33for 36. ContactAlex Putman | Director of Global Talent @ </p>