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Searching the literature:CINAHL

Tools for searching the scholarly literature A database is a specialised research tool that identify useful journal articles

There are a range of allied health databases: Medline, Embase, CINAHL, Cochrane Library, AMED, SportDiscus, PedRO, PsycInfo and more .. Access from Databases tab on Library home page:

22NO index covers every journal possible in a subject area

CINAHL Search Screen

Searching in CINAHLYou can search by keyword (broader), subject term (more precise) or both

Search by subject term exampleBreast cancer with box ticked

List of suggested subject terms Breast cancer Use Breast neoplasms

Scope NoteCthe Scope Note if available. For example palliative care:

Select Breast NeoplasmsThen scroll down and check Used for in blue columnInclude all subheadings

Used For is at the end of the blue column

Search the databaseOn the right hand side of the screen, click on Search Database

Search by keyword exampleBreast cancer

Combine subject term and keyword search

Add another concept by subject term and keyword and combinePalliative care

Lets combine the two concepts

Limit your resultsOn the left hand side, there is option to Refine your results. Show More provides additional limits such as age groups

Show more

Results display

Full citation record

Useful toolsOn the right hand of the full record screen there is a list of tools:

Save Search HistoryYou can rerun the search at any time

Search Results Finding the full text

Select the Full Text Finder to link to your article:

If not available, search for the journal title from Journals tab on the Library homepage

If the journal is not held, request the article from Document Delivery Services