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Asia EIT Convention 2015

Reduction in rejection due to sealing open by 50%.

Asia EIT Convention 2015

Project Name : To reduce sealing open rejection 1.3 % to 0.03 %Date ( Revision by) :Prepared By :KHUSHAL R. TALHANApproved By:AMOL KHANDAGALE BUSINESS CASE :OPPORTUNITY STATEMENT (HIGH LEVEL PROBLEM STATEMENT ) Vishay componenets India pvt ltd, it is a world largest manufacture of semiconductor and passive components.To improve the yield , rejection percentage ,and cost of poor quality..DEFECT DEFINATION : metal is not fully covered entire area by plastic film.otherwise plastic film is opening during next operation.GOAL STATEMENT :PROJECT SCOPEReduce the rejection of sealing open and thread open of Film capacitor.Process start point : AT WINDING STAGE .Expected Saving / Benefits COST OF SAVING 1,60,16000Process End Point : FINAL CONTROL INSPECTION STAGE Project Plan :Team :Task / PhaseStart DateEnd Date Actual DateName RoleCommitmentDefine 07-Jan-1422-Jan-1422-Jan-14KHUSHAL TALHANDATA COLLECTION 95%Measure 20-Feb-1422-Feb-1424-Feb-14TANAJI PHALKEACTION99%Analyse10-Mar-1428-Mar-1430-Apr-14RANJIT MALGARMONITORING99%Improve12-Apr-1403-Apr-1415-Apr-14GANESH SATAVHORIZONTAL DEPLOYMENT.99%Control06-May-1422-May-1430-May-14AMAR JANGAMMONITORING99%


windingflatteninginterleavingMetal spraywaxingdeburringdetappingHealing and sortingFinal controlProcess Flow Diagram of Capacitor

At this stage sealing open is detected

Defect generation stageInitial detection of defect


Identify problemDEFINEPractical ProblemMEASURERoot cause analysisANALYZEProblem solutionIMPROVEProblem controlCONTROL

Total Front End Yield in year 2013 92.1%

Breakage of 7.9% rejection

Mechanical defects : 4.12 %

Electrical defects :3.78 %

The process engineering dept has taken project of Electrical Defects

Focused on mechanical defects


Why theme is selected ?



Cost of poor Quality $

IssueNo. of pieces Scrapped in 2014Sealing open3.6 mln

Cost of poor quality = 3600000*5 RS = 1800000 RS

$ 494K


1. TURNOVER: RS 1993.4 MLN2. PBT :RS 176.3 MLN

To improve film cap yield 85%

Dept action plan : Reduction in rejection of sealing open issue by 50%

Linkage to quality Policy

Project leaderA.T.Khandagale(Maint. Engineer)T.M.Phalke(Maint. Engineer)K.R.Talhan(Quality .Engineer)G.B.Satav(Jr.Maint. Engineer)Malgar R.S.(Prod. Operator)Assembly follow-upDefect mode analysisStandardization

Data collectionEquipment ImprovementResult check Solution actionData collectionAssembly follow-upResult check Horizontal deploymentData collectionRoutine CheckProduction trialsResult check Team Organization

No. of Meetings Held : 10Meeting Calendar

In that meeting we got root cause of sealing open problem.

Data collectionBrainstormingPareto analysisIshikawa diagramWhy-Why analysisVariable search( DOE)Tools used to solve problem

Activity planning (Gantt) ChartActivities PlannedResponsibilityWk No.W1402468101214161820222426283032343638404244Data collection of sealing open issue KHUSHALPlannedActualAnalysis of available dataTeamPlannedActualAction Plan as per analysis T.M.PhalkePlannedActualExecution of actions Satav/KulkarniPlannedActualresults confirmation on machines.KHUSHALPlannedActualHorizontal Deployments on all machines groups,Satav/Kulkarni.PlannedActual

Sealing Open

Define problem Sealing open



Flap open

Thread openRejection 30%Rejection 70%

Measure problem Sealing openSealing problem faced on winding stageFollowing are the different winding machines and sealing open percentage as per followingRejection of sealing issue is 1.33%Machine NamePresent sealing rejectionPresent sealing ProfileStella Romeo0.9750% Land SealingStella ERO0.01Cover film + 50% LandVHW0.05Cover film + 50% LandAriane0.250% Land SealingCosmos0.1550% Land SealingAVM0.0450% Land SealingBC 20000.01Cover film + 50% Land

From above study it is finalized that sealing open rejection on stella Romeo machine

Data collection Sealing open for stella romeo m/csDateMachine No.Foil MicronSealing tempSealing ProfileProblem ObservedAction taken18.02.2014Stella fl. 6e-512310SquareThreads open Clean the pencil.20.02.2014Stella fl. 6e-96.2290SquareFlap openSealing not parallel so adjust grub screw.22.02.2014Stella fl. 6e-46.2280SquareThreads open Sealing not parallel so adjust grub screw.25.02.2014Stella6e-16.2280PlainFlap openClean the pencil and adjust the grub.27.02.2014Stella fl. 6e-212320SquareThreads open Sealing not parallel so adjust grub screw.02.03.2014Stella fl. 6e-66.2280SquareThreads open Reduce sealing temperature04.03.2014Stella fl. 6e-1012310SquareThreads open Sealing not parallel so adjust grub screw05.03.2014Stella fl. 6e-46.2290SquareFlap openSealing not parallel so adjust grub screw.08.03.2014Stella fl. 6e-512310SquareThreads open Reduce sealing temperature10.03.2014Stella fl. 6e-1112320SquareThreads open Sealing not parallel so adjust grub screw.11.03.2014Stella fl. 6e-1212310SquareThreads open Clean the pencil and adjust the grub13.03.2014Stella 6e-56.2280PlainFlap openSealing not parallel so adjust grub screw.15.03.2014Stella fl. 6e-96.2280SquareThreads open Clean the pencil and adjust the grub16.03.2014Stella 6e-812310PlainFlap openSealing not parallel so adjust grub screw.17.03.2014Stella fl. 6e-46.2280SquareThreads open Clean the pencil and adjust the grub19.03.2014Stella fl. 6e-26.2290SquareThreads open Clean the pencil and adjust the grub21.03.2014Stella fl. 6e-126.2280SquareThreads open Reduce sealing temperature

Remark : Various trial conducted to find various causes of sealing open fault, no conclusion from trials.

Further analysis of sealing openSr.No.Types of sealing open Action taken to solve problem1Flap openSealing not parallel so adjust grub screw.2Threads openClean sealing pencilSet the temperature

Team decided to work initially on seal , flap open problem.

Why why Analysis of sealing flap openSealing pencil not parallel. Why ?

Grub Screw for parallel adjustment found loose. Why ?

After 1 week Compression spring pressure was getting reduced at working temp. up to 350 C . Why?

Present Compression spring material was loosing properties at temp 350 C.

Team Investigated and decided to replace material of Grub screw and compression spring which can sustain up to 600C temperature.Root Cause of the Problem

Analysis of Comp. spring MaterialType of spring materialTrialLife of spring(Spring Length -14mm) Not ok