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  • Sea Kayaking-Excursions in British Columbia Johnstone Strait-boreal design Baffin series-Fishing kayaks-kayaks for sale

    fall edition

  • British Columbia Sea Kayaking Adventures

    Active AdventurePacific Northwest Expeditions offers multi-day base camp, and wilderness lodge-based sea kayaking adventure vacation packages. Base camp Adventures multi-day wildernesscamping trips with a focus on sea kayak touring and wildlife viewing. Lodge-based These exclusive trips are based from a wilderness lodge nestled in Blackfish Sound, off northern Vancouver Island. Our tours will appeal to singles, couples and families looking for intimate group sizes, meaningful cultural and nature experiences, and exceptional service. No previous sea kayaking experience is required. Pacific Northwest Expeditions, perfecting the art of adventure sea kayaking!

    Typical DaySea kayak touring offers the paddler an intimate experience with the marine environment and is ideally suited to exploring the coastal waters of British Columbia. A wide variety of activities are available to you and your travel companions, from sea kayaking, fishing, whale watching, bear viewing, sight seeing or photography. We will help you choose the activities and locations that would offer the experiences you desire.

    Age range, type of groupAll kinds of people, with varying degrees of physical abilities have been luredinto the seat of a sea kayak!Our groups are composed of active couples, singles, and families who share in common a spirit of adventure and a willingness to experience our natural world at an intimate level.

    Sleeping and mealsWe offer basecamp, and exclusive wilderness lodge-based trips. Please visit our website for details.

    Discounts Offered10 % trip discount offered for group bookings of 10 people.

  • The Broken Group IslandsSea Kayaking The Broken Group Islands, British Columbia

    4-Day Sea Kayak Touring Adventure

    The Broken Group Islands of Barkley Sound on Vancouver Islands west coast are a paddlers paradise. Enjoy sea kayak touring, the beauty and the mystery of the wild coast within the protection of a scattered collection of rugged islands.

    From the sandy beaches and quiet lagoons of the inner Islands, to the sea caves of the outer shores, exploration by sea kayak is unparalleled within this complex maze of islets and passages.

    Find tidal pools that abound with strange creatures. Colourful sea anenomes, seaweed and starfish adorn the inter-tidal ar-eas, contrasting with the hardy kelp beds, giant barnacles and clinging mussels of the exposed coast.

    Huge sea lions bellow and roar protecting their rocky domains which greet surf and swell from the mighty Pacific Ocean. Towering evergreens and twisted winter storm swept trees provide the background.

    The Broken Group Islands forms part of the Pacific Rim National Park, a vast undeveloped area known for its rich variety of sea life and the hundreds of birds which find food and shelter here.

    For more details about this expedition and other trips, please see the website:

  • Boreal Design 2011 New Products

    Manoeuvrability With Full Speed

    The success of the Epsilon series inspired BOREALDESIGN to develop the Baffin series for 2011.

    Introduced in 2008, the Baffin was the best seller new kayak in BOREALDESIGNs history. And the success never faded off! Designed for intermediate to advanced paddlers, the Baffin has always charmed the critics.

    Its thoroughly design hull presents the reverse hard chine, exclusive to BOREALDE-SIGN, teamed with a shallow V hull. This construction gives the Baffin a superior manoeuvrability without taking any of its speed away.

    BOREALDESIGN can now affirm that all kayakers will be able to paddle a Baffin that fits them properly in terms of volume and material. The Baffin will, from now on, be offered in three different sizes in composite and polyethylene.

    This Greenland inspired kayak is equipped with a retractable skeg, a day hatch, ad-justable thighs-braces and our high performance backband seat.

    The new Greenland style Baffin kayak displays a wonderful amalgam of soft lines and hard chines, making a performance plastic kayak. It provides everything the skilled paddler would expect from such a looking craft, yet still offering a great sense of stability created by the unique design of its hull. The sleek deck profile is pure art, and with a stand-ard day hatch and skeg, the BAFFIN is designed to face the ocean.

    Tim Shuff puts the Baffin by Boreal Design through it's paces. Is it the boat for you?

    "If you like a snug-fitting, sporty, close-to-the-water feel; if you like hard chines that let you use su-per-subtle edging to steer; if you like skin-on-frame-inspired lines that gracefully accommodate low-angle, Greenland-style strokes and laybacks, then the answer is yes.

  • Fishing KayaksBENEFITS OF KAYAK FISHINGOne of the first things that comes to mind is the low cost of the sport when compared to other forms of angling. For start to finish, you can buy new equipment including the kayak for as little as eight hundred dollars. You can usually find used kayaks much cheaper. Even if you choose to get a fully equipped kayak, the cost will be about fifteen hundred dollars. With party boat trips for a few days costing upwards of six hundred dollars, you can see that the savings from a few trips can get you going in the sport. Besides an inexpensive method of fishing, the health benefits are worth it even if you dont plan to fish. With no motor and noise, ocean inhabitants are not as afraid of your kayak as a sport fisher with the engines going. If you want to see nature close up, a kayak is a good tool.

    KAYAK ACCESSORIESWhen kayak fishing, we need accessories for not only for fishing but paddling as well. What we have attempted to do here is to supply a listing of quality kayak fishing accesso-ries we commonly see while were on the water. This list is not meant to be a definitive list of kayak fishing accessories, but rather one that is constantly evolving as new products come out. If you dont see a particular kayak fishing accessory here, it does not means it is of inferior quality or little use. It may simply mean we have not had a chance to use the accessory ourselves. Because we list a certain product, it does not mean that that product is better for you to use than one not listed, or that it would be the best product for you to use for your particular needs.

    FISHING KAYAK MODELSWhen it comes to choosing a fishing kayak, names you will see are Cobra Kayaks, Hobie Kayaks, Ocean Kayak, Malibu Kayaks, Perception Kayaks, Old Town Canoe Kayaks and Wilderness Systems Kayaks are common fishing kayak manufacturers. Some fishing kay-aks are more commonly used than other models, and certain models of kayaks used for fishing are produced in certain countries. Fishing kayaks we use here may be totally dif-ferent from those used Down Under in Australia. Some models are longer and narrower like a touring kayak, while other fishing kayaks are shorter and wider offering more initial stability. Kayaks are like shoes, the same pair will feel different on different people. That is why it very important to paddle a kayak before purchasing it if at all possible.

  • Kayaks for saleUsed Kayaks for Sale: Two-person, Double or Tandem KayaksSeascape Expedition Tandem Kayak by Northwest Kayaks

    Used Kayaks for Sale: High Performance Solo KayaksTempest 170 & Tempest 165 by Wilderness Systems

    Those kayaks are the best high performance solo sea kayak ever constructed of polyethylene plastic! We searched and waited for years for this kayak to come on the market. This is the one we take into the surf zone, challenge the rips, poke through rock gardens, and use on our shorter personal kayak trips. Click the link above to learn about our poly solo kayaks for sale!

    Used Kayaks for Sale: Solo Touring KayaksDiscover by Northwest Kayaks

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