sea creatures

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English worldSea creatures


M me-6 klasiKkvaracxelia kesoQqardava fiqriaKkalandia laSa zarqua mariMmiqava qristine

whaleWhales are huge. They have not got spines or claws. They are strong. They have got big fins and strong tails. They have got big mouths. They are white and black.

sharkSharks are very big. They have not got spines or claws. They have big mouths and they have lots of teeth. Their teeth are very sharp. They can swim quickly. They eat fish and crabs.

DolphinDolphins have not got spines and shells. They have got big fins. They have got strong tails. They can swim quickly too. Dolphins are friendly.

FishFish have strong tails and fins. Fish can swim quickly. They eat tiny animals in the see

JellyfishJellyfish is big and small. They are beautiful. Jellyfish are many colours.

crabs crabs have eight legs. They have two claws. Their claws are strong. They have a hard shell. We can see it in the rock pool.

starfishStarfish do not have shells or claws. Starfish have arms and spines. The spines are sharp. It has lots of tiny feet. Starfish can not swim but they can crawl on the rocks. They eat shellfish


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