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In the voice of our participants, spelling and all.


  • 1. Quotes from ourcommunity.Building a Culture of Peace and Belonging . . .

2. I liked hearing two speakers, from different perspectives, to see real people telling theirpainful stories really hit home. Also, everyone's non judgmental attitudes felt safe. Victim Impact Panel Participant 3. I really appreciate how no one is judging here and how both offenders and victims speak. It is very different from other panels.I actually felt kindness in the room.Victim Impact Panel Participant 4. The story from the mother, it made me think of how my own mother would react. I'm 25 and I justnoticed when I got here that my mom must have put a bag of carrots in my purse. She still thinks of me as her little girl and losing me would crush her.I didnt think about that till now.Victim Impact Panel Participant 5. i come in here not thinking i would be affected like i was. i'm in complete awe, and have a lot to think about! Victim Impact PanelParticipant 6. I am glad they have this class. It helped me realize what can happen if I were to make bad decisions when drinking. The community members were very nice and hada lot of touching stories. Underage Consumption PanelParticipant 7. Thank you again for teaching this class you givekids like me a chance to show the community and family that I am better than what I was. I want you to know I am not drinking till I am 21 and I am going to count my drinks. Thanks a lot, I will never forget you. You are a super hero of your own kind.Thanks again. Underage Consumption PanelParticipant 8. It was an eye opening experience that changed everyones views victim, offenders, and community members. Underage Consumption PanelCommunity Volunteer 9. Working with SCVRJP gives me a chance toimpact a group of young people from the community. And, a chance to feel good about myself in the process. Underage Consumption PanelCommunity Volunteer 10. It makes you feel whole and helps you toheal scars.Underage Consumption Panel Volunteer Community Member 11. I really like the idea of having a Circle because it helped everyone connect to the mom who was speaking about her daughters death. Safe Teen Driving Circle Participant 12. It had a large affect on me, it was real and a very serious story. It makes you think triceabout every choice you make.Safe Teen Driving CircleParticipant 13. i liked getting a parents perspective on this tragic event. it shows not only what it does to your self but every one in your life. Safe Teen Driving Circle Participant 14. having my classmates show their truefeelings. it was amazing to see my peers open up. I cant believe what an impact this speaker had! one of the most positive experiences Ive ever had. Safe Teen Driving CircleParticipant 15. i thought it was so amazing that Mrs. Remer can share her experience with us. i really think she will change a lot of people's minds about drinking and driving, not wearing seatbelts, talking on a cell phone while driving, and just being attentive. i think it is really cool this will change peoples lifes. Safe Teen Driving CircleParticipant 16. i respect you so much for having the courage to retell this tragity in your life. your story greatly impacted me and i will surly think about it often. it definately will impact my driving decisions.Safe Teen Driving Circle Participant 17. persons unfamiliar with each other enter into profound sharing, caring and honesty Victim Empathy SeminarVolunteer Community Member 18. the program required a solution and provided a respectful environment fordiscussion. Victim Empathy Seminar Victim 19. the event as a whole was fantastic. i like the feeling of trust and understanding in the circle. Victim Empathy Seminar Volunteer Community Member 20. The mix of community members and offenders was most beneficial. I particularlyappreciated hearing the offenders "story" and the sincerity of their letters Victim Empathy Seminar Volunteer Community Member 21. Seeing the transformation of Cayla. At the beginning she was so angry but towards theend she started laughing and opening up. Community ConferenceCommunity Volunteer 22. Great experience, amazing to see the difference in people's attitudes frombeginning to end. Community Conference Volunteer Community Member 23. It was interesting to learn more about how involved the police department and municipal judge are in restorative justice.Community ConferenceVolunteer Community Member 24. I learned more than expected, areal eye-opener!!Training SessionParticipant 25. thank you for an excellent experience! you and your volunteers are wonderful. i reallygot so much more out of this than i expected, and my expectations were high!Training Session Participant 26. SCVRJPRestorative Justice Center215 N 2nd Street, Suite 108River Falls, WI 54022 (715)425-1100 Please contact us if you are interested inbecoming a volunteer.