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SCTE – The Method. Bill Schankel, Director, Member Marketing, Planning and Publications Pam Nobles, Director, Education and Certification Robin Fenton, Director, Chapter Support. SCTE – the vision. Incorporating SCTE into your chapter through Communication Tools & Resources - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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SCTE The MethodBill Schankel, Director, Member Marketing, Planning and PublicationsPam Nobles, Director, Education and CertificationRobin Fenton, Director, Chapter SupportSCTE the visionIncorporating SCTE into your chapter throughCommunicationTools & ResourcesNew Program & ServicesRetention & Recruitment

2Communication Before the Meeting Begins Know your audience

Know the goal of your communicationCraft a clear, concise message

Be redundant in your message

Consistency is KeyName RecognitionQuality of Service

3Messaging for your MeetingStep 1: The Set Up

Step 2: The Introduction

Step 3: The Value Proposition

Step 4: The Technical Content

Step 5: The Follow Up

4Step 1 - The Set UpFirst Impressions are Everything


Registration Table


Samples of Signage

6Step 2 The IntroductionThe Who, What and Why of Your EventThe attendee needs to know who they are listening to, what they are going to do and why they need to be thereStart with a welcome to your attendeesWho: Give the name of your SCTE Chapter and your officersWhat: Describe the event, with a brief outline of what will be happening during the dayWhy: Explain the importance of this event and why your SCTE chapter is offering this type of technical training7Step 3 The Value PropositionValidate the Value of Your Chapter and SCTEYour Chapter is their local connection to technical resources for the industryHighlight upcoming Chapter eventsShowcase experts within the chapterSCTE membership provides technical resources LiveLearning, Certifications, Bookstore materials, Tech Tips$68 is a minimal investment for the return you will get professionally and personally8SCTE Value StatementsCertificationsShowcase Technical Know-howLive LearningFree one-hour technical web-based sessionTech TipsQuick-hitting engineering informationSCTE FoundationMoney for training and education

Implication PapersOverview of new technology and the impact on each level of the networkPrimersA short explanation of a new technology explained in a multimedia formatYour ChapterAlways emphasize the importance of your chapter9Step 4 The Technical Content10Step 4 The Technical Content11??!!Step 4 The Technical Content

E = mc2 !??!??!?!12Step 4 The Technical ContentCome on in!

13Step 4 The Technical Content

14Step 4 The Technical Content Actively participate in SCTE Professional Development and Certification Program Promotion

15Step 4 The Technical Content

16Step 4 The Technical Content

13017Step 4 The Technical Content

18Step 5 The Follow UpThe event is only the beginningThank the attendee for taking part

Provide them with a take away SCTE brochure, flyer, or promotional item

Add their information to your mailing list and continue to reach out to these individuals with announcements about upcoming meetings19Tools & ResourcesSCTE has the Tools to make your job simpleThe following items are readily available for your chapter to utilize when communicating your messages: Chapter WebsitesNewsletter TemplateCommunication ToolkitEvent flyers, registration forms, applicationsSCTE VideoSCTE PPTsSCTE Marketing MaterialsSCTE Promotional Items

20SCTE Items and marketing materials

21New & Improved Programs & Services22Benefits of IPv6New HeaderHeader ExtensionsAnycastNATAddressability


24Implication Papers


26Designed to help cable system operators leverage the financial and environmental advantages of implementing green strategies.SEMI will target key areas:Energy management processes and products that can reduce current operational costsRenewable energy technologies that can benefit operators with ROIs of three-to-seven yearsRecycling and recovery techniques that can minimize the disposal effects of outdated equipment.


28Virtual Classrooms

29PartnershipsSCTE is working hard to expand its reachSCTE is partnering with industry leaders to create contentCommScope Drop Installation FundamentalsSpirent Implication PapersSCTE is partnering with industry associations to create awarenessAmerican Cable Association (ACA)NCTCCableLabs304.5 hour course focused on broadband installation and troubleshooting.

Course covers approximately 30% of Broadband Premises Installer (BPI) certification.

Course is currently full for 2010 but we are adding interested chapters to a waitlist.

31RetentionRetaining your _____________:




32Member Recruitment CampaignSCTE is proud to announce a new membership recruitmentCampaignCampaign Timeline: April 15 to August 31, 2010Campaign Logistics: The SCTE Chapter that recruits the most members during this time frame wins. A first, second and third prize will be awardedCampaign Reward: The winning Chapter will receive recognition at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2010, a trophy and a feature at www.scte.orgSee the handout for further details33


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