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Reading Material for Scrutiny of Estimates, Tender Process and Noting & Drafting Skills


Programme sponsored byCADAWater and Land Management Training and Research Institute(WALAMTARI )Himayatsagar, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad 500030.Government of Andhra PradeshIrrigation & Command Area Development DepartmentTRAINING PROGRAMMEFORTECHNICAL OFFICERS (All Categories) ONSCRUTINY OF ESTIMATES, TENDER PROCESS ANDNOTING & DRAFTING SKILLSREADING MATERIAL2010FOREWORDTill recent times, WALAMTARI was mostly offering courses on Irrigation Water Management toEngineers of I&CAD Department, Agriculture Officers of Agriculture Department along with FarmersOrganizations.Technical Officers are one of the important categories of employees and play an importantrole in I & CAD Department. The role and expectations from Technical Officers have changed radicallyin view of the reforms brought in by the A.P. Government in the Irrigation sector. Keeping in view ofthe objective of the National Training Policy, WALAMTARI has planned for Training of Technical Officersthrough Peer Group Training Strategy.This manual is reportedly prepared through consultative workshops (Training Need Assessment,Module & Material Development workshop and refined in Trainers Training workshop). The materialdeals with various tenets of Scrutiny of Estimates, Tender process and Noting & Drafting Skills.I hope this this material will be useful for all the Technical Officers in properly discharging theirduties and thereby contributing to the performance enhancement of I & CAD department.I congratulate the staff of CADA, I&CAD and WALAMTARI who have contributed to thedevelopment of the material. I also congratulate WALAMTARI for initiating Capacity Building of theTechnical Officers with the financial support from JAICA funded Andhra Pradesh Irrigation and LivelihoodImprovement Project (APILIP).Date : December 2010 ( Dr. Prasanta Mahapatra )CommissionerCADA & Prl. Secy. I&CADSl. No. Sl. No. Sl. No. Sl. No. Sl. No. T TT TTopic opic opic opic opic Page No. Page No. Page No. Page No. Page No. 1 Scrutiny of Estimates 1 - 38 2 Tender Process 39 - 100 3 Agreements 101 - 124 4 Scrutiny of Bills 125 - 128 5 Registration of Contractors 129 - 152 6 Noting & Drafting Skills 153 - 178 7 Farmers' Organizations 179 - 196 8 Land Acquisition and R&R Policy 197 - 210 9 List of G.Os, Useful Websites & Software Packages for I&CAD 211 - 216CONTENTS CONTENTS CONTENTS CONTENTS CONTENTS3 I SCRUTINY OF ESTIMATES 1.1 Ori gi nal Wor ks 1.2 Repai r Works/ Mai nt enance 1.2.1 Ordinary Repairs 1.2.2 Special Repairs 1.3 Power s of Sanct i on of Or i gi nal Est i mat es 1.4. Report Accompanyi ng Est i mat e f or Admi ni st r at i ve Appr oval 1.4.1 Check slip t o accompany t he est imat e for Administ rat ive approval 1.5 Name of t he Wor k and t he cost of wor k i n l akhs shoul d be i ndi cat ed at t he head of t he Report . 1.5.1 Check slip t o accompany t he est imat e for t echnical sanct ion 1.5.2. Format of Lead St at ement 1.5.3 Format of Det ailed Est imat e 1.5.4. Format of dat a sheet 1.5.5 Format of Abst ract est imat e 1.6. Revi sed est i mat e/ work sl i p 1.6.1. Powers of sanct ion of Revised est imat e 1.6.2 Report Accompanying t he Revised Est imat e for Administ rat ive approval 1.6.3 Check slip t o accompany t he revised est imat e t o Administ rat ive approval 1.6.4 Format of Revised Est imat e 1.7. Suppl ement al dat a 1.8 Est i mat e of RRR ( Repai r s, Renovat i on and Rest or at i on) Mi nor I r r i gat i on Tank-A case st udy 1.9 Chi ef Engi neer Mi nor I r r i gat i on Ci r cul ar Dat ed: 02-07-04 1.10 Ext ract Of G.O. No.94, dat ed 01-07-03 1.10.1 Preparat ion of Realist ic Est imat es 1.10.2 Sanct ion of Est imat es (Administ rat ion Approval) 1.10.3 Technical Sanct ion 1.10.4 Limit s of I nspect ion of works for issue of Technical Sanct ion 1.11 BENEFI T COST RATI O (Minor I rrigat ion) 1.12. Delegat ion of Financial Powers t o HODs, Regional Officers, Dist rict Officers and Unit Officers (G.O.Ms.No.148 F&P (FW.ADMN.I .TFR.) DEPT Dt . 21-10-2000) 4 ESTIMATES 1. Works can be classified in t o t wo cat egories: 1.1 Original Works 1.2 Repair works / Maint enance The repair works are again classified in t o t wo cat egories 1.2.1. Or di nar y Repai r s: (i) Those which, as a mat t er of regulat ion, are carried out periodically and which are usually of t he same quant it y from t ime t o t ime, such as t he paint ing or whit e washing of a building, or a new coat ing of met al on a road, (ii) Ot her occasional pet t y repairs which may become necessary from t ime t o t ime, and which may have t o be carried out bet ween t he t imes of periodical repairs; (iii) I n respect of irrigat ion works all operat ions required t o maint ain, in proper condit ion, t he work, as t hey are, i.e., t o st andards laid down already. Periodical repairs like paint ing or whit e washing of buildings (Annual Maint enance) pat ch repair t owards occasional pet t y repairs, repairs t o irrigat ion works t o maint ain t hem in proper condit ion/ original st andard condit ions, et c. * Ordinary repairs est imat e / Annual Maint enance Est imat e sanct ioned in a year will lapse by 31 March of t he same financial year. 1.2.2. Speci al Repai r s: (i) Special repairs are ot her t han ordinary repairs, i.e., t hey are repairs which are not periodical or frequent , e.g., re-roofing a building replacing of beams, renewal of flooring, et c. whenever a work of special or ordinary repairs is accompanied by improvement s or ext ensions, t he rule in paragraph 93 for classifying t he work should be observed. (ii) I n respect of irrigat ion works, special repairs include all operat ions required t o maint ain t he work in a bet t er condit ion, i.e., t o an improved st andard, by using mat erial of a more permanent or last ing nat ure wit hout increasing t he efficiency or scope of t he syst em, e.g., cement plast ering or point ing, rough stone masonry in place of dry st one packing, revet ment t o t ank bunds at sit es of breaches and t o margins of rivers at places where t hey are eroded, grout ing newly t he surface of t he aprons and revet ment s, lengt hening of aprons and revet ment s t o prot ect erosions not iced in beds and margins of rivers, canals and channels. Whenever a work of special or ordinary repairs is accompanied by improvement s or ext ensions, t he rules in paragraph 379 (c) for classifying t he works should be observed. (iii) I n respect of works under t aken by t he Highways depart ment Special Repairs include all operat ions of road embankment s, eroded margins of road, and approaches t o bridges, e.g. improvement s t o revet ment s of road embankment s, rest oring t he eroded margins of a road or prot ect ing t hem wit h revet ment et c, vide also inst ruct ions in t he except ions t o Rules 4 & 5 under explanat ory not e 26 of Appendix 4 t o A.P.P.W. Account Code. Whenever a work of special or ordinary repairs is accompanied by improvement s or ext ensions, rule in para 93 of t he A.P.P.W.D code for classifying t he works should be observed. (Added as per G.O. Ms.1171, P.W.D. dat ed: 23.05.1963) 5 MAI NTENANCE WORKS UNDER APFMI S ACT Works Under Cat egory A* : (1) Desilt ing (2) Weed removal (3) Oiling & greasing (4) Paint ing of shut t ers (5) Emergency canal breach closing works Works under Cat egory B* * : (1) Replacement of OT sluices (2) Reconst ruct ion of sluices (3) Repairs t o sluices / gat es (4) Re-Sect ioning of Canal prism (5) St rengt hening of weak embankment s (6) Raising of banks for providing free board * Works t aken up wit h funds from wat er Cess by WUAs. * * Works t aken up wit h I &CAD funds by WUAs. 6 1.3 POWERS OF TECHNI CAL SANCTI ON OF ORI GI NAL ESTI MATES Sl .No. Val ue of Or i gi nal Est i mat e Desi gnat i on Remar ks 1. Upt o Rs. 10.00 Lakhs Execut ive Engineer G.O.Ms.No. 94 I & CAD Dat ed: 1.07.2003 2. From Rs. 10.00 t o Rs.50.00 Lakhs Superint ending Engineer G.O.Ms.No. 94 I & CAD Dat ed: 1.07.2003 3. From Rs. 50.00 Lakhs and Above Chief Engineer G.O.Ms.No. 94 I & CAD Dat ed: 1.07.2003 1.4 REPORT ACCOMPANYI NG ESTI MATE 1.4.1 CHECK SLI P TO ACCOMPANY THE ESTI MATE FOR ADMI NI STRATI VE APPROVAL ( As per t he Govt . Memo.No.25414/ Ref orms/ 2007-1 dt . 07.09.2007) 1. Name of t he Proj ect / Scheme/ work 2. Est imat e amount 3. Cat egory of proj ect / Scheme/ work 4. Locat ion/ Dist rict / Mandal/ Village 5. Scope of work in Brief 6. Ayacut proposed Wet / I D 7. Cropping pat t ern 8. Source/ River basin./ Sub-basin/ Sub miner basin 9. Availabilit y of wat er at t he sit e 10. Allocat ion of wat er / ut ilizat ion 11. Ref. in which Hydrological clearance was accorded by t he compet ent aut horit y 12. Cost per acres 13. B.C. Rat io 14. Whet her t he report accompanying t he est imat e, det ailed est imat e are enclosed 15. Whet her salient feat ures are enclosed 16. Whet her command area plan/ index plan enclosed 17. Whet her t he approved designs/ drawing/ Hydraulic part iculars/ Cross sect ions are enclosed 18. Whet her C.C. lining t hickness Grade of concret e a


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