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  • ScronceRealEstate - Best Ways to Expand Business by Leasing Commercial

    Real Estate

    Starting up a business is a daunting task. But once all of your hard work has paid off and the

    business is booming, its time to consider expansion. While the thought of being successful enough to expand your business to a higher level is exciting, there are additional financial risks.

    With expansion comes the need for more employees, larger investments and likely a new facility.

    In order to minimize risk, Scronce Real Estate specializes in assisting our clientele, who all

    started as small business owners; turn their hard work into a bigger and successful corporation.

    Once theyve reached the first big expansion stage, we make it a priority to share this one, simple, debt-free tip:

    Lease a new facility instead of building new.

    Perhaps you began your operation out of a small office and are now in need of expanding to a

    bigger, better building. Your first option is to start from scratch and hire a construction company

    to build you a brand new facility. While this seems like a smart idea, you should first consider

    leasing commercial real estate.

  • Why should you lease? Its very simple there is less financial risk involved. When you expand your business, its very important to avoid accumulating too much debt. We here at Scronce Real Estate want our clients to go through a successful expansion. Build your business into the

    company you dreamed of without putting your companys financial future at risk.

    Moving your business into an existing building is also more convenient. Its fair to assume that most construction projects never seem to go as planned; they fall behind schedule for various

    reasons and can end up costing your business money you hadnt expected. Leasing existing office space is financially smarter and more convenient. At Scronce Real Estate, we can help

    transition your business affordably and conveniently into the perfect current office facility.

    Avoid accumulating unnecessary debt and dont rely on unreliable construction companies.

    Contact today for more details or give us a call at 333.287.1259.


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