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  • 1. Front cover of Mix Mag The front cover of this magazine is very eye catching due to the use of the florescent pink font. The pink doesnt actually match with the cover image or relate to the cover image; I think this makes the front cover look quite tacky and very feminine which narrows down the potential audience to females, although gender shouldnt make any difference to a music magazine, the use of pink appeals to women only. The cover image is of three men walking towards the camera. It is not a usual shot for a magazine front cover because it is a long shot and magazines generically use medium shots or a close ups. I think the image would be fine if it wasnt covered in text. Most of the man on the left is covered in text and about half of the man on the right is also text; it seems pointless having a long shot and then covering up a lot of the image, it defeats the point of having a long shot. I think there is too much text on this front cover. There should be enough text to inform you what is inside the magazine but not too much to over crowd the front cover, this is very overcrowded and doesnt make you want to pick it up and definitely doesnt make you want to buy it. The cover image is also strange because it seems quite natural where as an ordinary cover shot has been thoroughly thought over and everyone has a specific pose. These men look almost as if they havent realised that the cover shot is being taken. The image is clearly going against the generic conventions but I think that it fails to make an impression and would have been more successful if it did follow the generic conventions. To conclude I dont think that the front cover of this magazine is very good. The colours system seems quite random and they dont match with each other. The image is not successful because its not following the generic conventions of a cover image and so fails to grab the audiences attention. There is also too much text on the front cover and it seems overcrowded. All these things make the front cover look tacky and fail to intrigue the audience enough to pick it up.

2. Contents page of Mix Mag The contents page of the magazine is a lot better than the front cover, and is easier to look at that the front cover and might get people to read it. The colours all match nicely and none of them contradict each other and clash, and it makes it look like a good contents page not tacky like the front cover. Its easy to see what on what page due to the clearly visible numbers on the right hand side and the different colour of the numbers; the colour is different but is not garish unlike the florescent pink on the front cover. There is no subtitle to the images which I think is a nice touch because if the image intrigues you, you will look on the page to find out what the image is actually about. There is also a range of images on the contents page; its not showing you similar articles pictures so all the images are the same, instead it shows you the variety that the magazine has to offer. Under each number there is a lengthy description of what will be on the page which gives good background knowledge to the reader and they will be able to clearly and easily understand what is in each article before they decide whether or not to read an article. To conclude on the contents page, I think it is a very good contents page and makes you want to look at some articles because of the interesting picture and no information or makes you want to read the articles because of the detailed description. Everything matches and unlike the front cover this is therefore very effective and makes you want to carry on reading. 3. Double page spread of Mix Mag The double page spread is very generic in its appearance. Double page spread very normally do contain an image that fills a large space over the two pages or like it is here a single page. The image is an interesting confusing image of the DJ whos been interviewed; it is made to look like glass has smashed and he is the glass, this connotes that he is broken and maybe his career has hit a low spot but as its not completely shattered he will carry on. It also has a quote from the interview which is also common in double page spreads. The DJs name is in the pink colour that was on the front cover and is a little bit more apparent as to why it was put on the front cover in the first place but it is only his name that is in the pink so it is still not entirely a meaningful choice. The font is consistent the whole way through the magazine and this makes the whole magazine feel related to each part which might make people want to read more articles because they think they are linked. The interview itself is following the career of the DJ Eric Prydz and because the magazine and the article is aimed at old teen agers aged between 16- 26 the language used is quite simple and chatty and informal. There is use of swear words which in this magazine it makes sense because its not likely to offend any of the readers where as if it was a magazine about classical music aimed at retired pensioners, swear words would not be used. For a magazine aimed at teenagers there is a lot of text, teenagers dont have the attention span to read long wordy articles so its a strange amount of words to feature in one of the main articles of the magazine as readers may be put off when they see how many words it is. To conclude this is a relatively good double page spread, it is very eye catching and the image is both memorable and eye catching. The amount of text might put of the audience from reading because of the quantity of text but other than that it is a good double page spread is appealing to the target audience. 4. Front cover of Kerrang This is a typical Kerrang front cover as the colour scheme for a Kerrang front covers is always the same in every issue. This means the audience can easily spot a Kerrang magazine because they are looking for a recognisable different colour scheme. This does not make the magazine cover a boring one; the cover image is always very different; this one is using album artwork from the band in the main article. Excluding the cover image there are five separate images on the front cover which is a lot for a front cover to have. On a normal front cover it is just the cover image and on some magazines, an image from within the magazine. On this front cover there are two images for articles in the magazine and three images of the posters that are with the magazine, this clearly shows that there are a lot of posters in this edition which might persuade some people to buy the magazine. The Kerrang logo represents the music that Kerrang features; it has a smashed effect which shows that the music is angry, aggressive music which connotes it is a magazine about heavy metal and hard rock. The cover image is a good medium close up of Kurt Cobain who features in both the main article and the poster section of the magazine showing that this magazine marks a landmark since his death. The picture is a mock up of the famous nirvana album front cover off the album nevermind. This iconic album cover is instantly recognisable in his pose and his location of being in a swimming pool. Using a mock up of such a well known album front cover makes an intriguing cover image. To conclude this is a successful front cover because its instantly recognisable both from the cover image and the Kerrang colour scheme. Its not just the pedigree of the Magazine Company that makes it successful though, the simplicity and the amount of text is just right to inform you but overcrowd the page unlike the Mix Mag front cover 5. Contents page of Kerrang The contents page matches the front cover very well; it uses the same fonts and similar colours. Like the Mix Mag contents page there is a large image on the page showing you one article in the magazine, unlike the Mix Mag picture it does have a caption of who the picture is of. There is also a picture of one of the double page spreads in the magazine; this is not a usual feature of a contents page but I think is effective because it shows you exactly what to look for when flicking through the magazine. A generic feature that this contents page does follow is the picture of the editor of the magazine. The Mix Mag contents page doesnt follow this feature. The editor doesnt look like a person who would be the editor of a rock and metal magazine like Kerrang, she looks like a woman in her early 30s who would be more likely to write a magazine about family life or something else than a rock and metal magazine. This contents page is very easy to follow and it is clear what is on each page and get a brief summary of what the article is about. There are sub headings for what category the article falls under; for example there is a category for reviews, having this set up means it is really easy for readers to find what they are looking for and can waste no time having to read stuff that wont interest them. To conclude this is a good contents page because it is clear and easy to read. It uses generic features like having a picture of the editor but also uses not generic features such as have a picture of one of the double page spreads from the issue of the magazine. I think this makes this a successful contents page because it is a familiar template but with a different twist on a contents page. 6. Double page spread of Kerrang This is a generic looking double page spread; it has a big along the top half of the double page spread, double page spread either has an image spreading across the two pages or it has one page which is an image. The image is a picture from the photo shoots from the album that is being looked at. It is a standard photo that has had no or very little editing, unlike the Mix Mag image which had been heavily edited. It is also a natural photograph and doesnt look like it is posed and it shows the simplicity of the band, that they arent