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<p> 1. SCRAP THE BIG LAUNCH, Fly a Kite In Koo Kim @bitprofusion #mobex April 2, 2014 2. HOW TO CREATE AND MAINTAIN CONTROL OF SMARTER MOBILE APPS WITH REAL-TIME UI UPDATES, A/B TESTING, AND PERSONALIZATION 3. / If you have an iPhone, download the demo app from the Apple App Store. Search for Wikex 4. Mobile Web! 5. Mobile Web! 6. Mobile Web! Mobile App! (iOS &amp; Android)! 7. / Mobile Apps - Carry High Risks (not downloaded, uninstalled, poor ratings) - Large Investment - Multiple Platforms - No Real-time Updates - High Maintenance Costs (bugs, OS updates, new devices, new features) / Mobile Apps are the future. / How? 8. / Current mobile app development resembles a launch rigid release cycles, high risks, high costs.! / Apps are complex! / Loss of remote control! / App Store (validate, submission, approval/rejection)! MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT The future of digital experiences. 9. MOBILE APP DEVELEOPMENT The big launch 10. / How do we bring agility and control into mobile apps?! ! ! MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT Tools for the future 11. A new way to y.! ! / More control after app goes live! / Responsive to shifting conditions! / Adaptive to user behavior! ! MOBILE APP DEVELEOPMENT Agility and Mobile Apps 12. We need tools monitor, test, and tune.MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT 13. What We Need for the Future of Mobile Digital Experiences / Real-time controls to native UX ! components! / Analytics + ACTION! / Cross Platform Controller! / Implement AI and Personalized User Experience! ! ! 14. A SAAS platform management toolkit for controlling mobile user experiences in native, hybrid, and HTML5 based mobile apps. / Enables App publishers to push UI, UX, and content changes to Apps real-time / Reduce the dependency on app updates / Tools to change the big-launch development approach to a more agile and iterative process 15. / Content! / Native UX Component Control! / Memory Object Control! / File System Object Control! / Database Object Control! / Hybrid/HTML5 Framework Support! / HTML5, CSS, JS Injection Capability! ! ! 16. / We cant change the core app code, BUT we provide the ability to change the app conguration, data, and the way it responds to the user in real-time.! ! ! / Scaffolding to parameterize everything.! ! ! / Provides granular data about content access rather than just events or page views.! ! ! / Server-side command center to monitor and control and tune our apps.! ! ! ! ! 17. ! ANALYTICS + ACTION A/B Testing 18. View: Campaign tagging and relevance! View: Security control! View: UX component control! 19. View: Live content windows with HTML5! View: Advanced design controls! View: Geo-location targeting! 20. WIKEX DEMO In Koo Kim h/ps:// @bitprofusion #mobex </p>