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  • When it comes to operating a successful company, many business owners often overlook an essential key element: Branding. Improving company image through the power of branding is an absolute must for anyone seeking to not only grab the attention of consumers, but to also get a leg up on the competition. Part of this important process involves the inclusion of domed labels and product tags. These little devices are an extremely effective opportunity for businesses of all sizes to capture the interest and awareness of potential customers.

  • Domed labels get their name from their dome-like appearance. Composed of transparent polyurethane coatings, these unique logos and designs come in all different shapes and sizes and can be ordered to fit highly customized configurations. These labels are typically applied to products as a complementary feature and work well on a variety of surfaces, including (but not limited to):



    Heavy Machinery

    Household Appliances


  • Specifically created for long-term usage, domed labels often consist of three key components:

    The dome gives the label its distinctive 3D shape.

    The substrate features the company logo or design.

    The adhesive allows for long-lasting application to product surfaces.

  • Logos and designs are often applied to the substrate through a silkscreen or digital printing process. Alternatively, Southern Coating & Nameplate Inc. offers special technology that allows for laser die cutting directly onto the polyurethane dome instead of the substrate.

    A multitude of substrate materials can be utilized as well:







  • What makes domed labels an alluring opportunity for businesses? They deliver what most conventional labels cannot:

    Inexpensive Branding

    Design Flexibility

    Attractive Appearance


  • Whether it is to be used indoors or outdoors, a proper domed label is built to last, even in harsh conditions. The following four features ensure long-lasting sturdiness:





  • SCN offers highly customized domed labels for a variety of needs and purposes, including micro domed labels (very small labels) as well as the ability to dome non-symmetrical objects. Customers can also take advantage of distinct technologies such as 4cp digital prints, metal prints, and laser die cutting.

  • A leader in the field since 1970, you can count on Southern Coatings & Nameplate Inc. for top quality product tags and domed labels. Take your branding to the next level by visiting us online today at