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Planet GuardiansSabana Llana Water Quality Investigation Scientific Article


<ul><li> 1. Planet Del Carmen verde Guardians News A p r i l 1 2 , 2 0 1 1 V o l u m e 1 , I s s u e 1 A p r i lNotes: Vernier Logger Pro LabQuest and good Water pollution in Sabana Llana stream products to sample water quality. ArcGIS Explorer Like most people the first ways or non-natural ways. is overloaded by pollutants and Excellent tool for thing you think about when Every body of water like riv- creating dynamic the micro-organism cant dis- you here the word water ers, seas, lakes and estuaries model where you compose it, this pollutants stay pollution is water you cant analyze, manipulate in the water polluting it and all and develop data. drink and is probably con- the living beings in and around taminated, and your probably Blogger Web2.0 it. fascinating tool to right . Water pollution is any document the proce- chemical change, physical or The non-natural way of water dure of the project. biological quality of water pollution is cause by domestic that has a harmful effect on discharge, industrial discharge , any living being who con- have a natural ability to clean agricultural wastes, sedimenta-Inside this sumes that water. When hu- itself. They all have a limited tion, erosion, oil and otherissue: mans drink polluted water capacity of micro-organisms, dangerous substances.Introduction 1 often have health problems. which are the ones in charge This projects greatest desire is Water pollution can also of discomposing and changing to solve this problem. But weAbstract 1-2 make it unsuitable for a de- the pollutants into substances cant do anything if we dont sired use. Pollution in water that can be used by living know anything about the waterPurpose 2 often can occur by natural beings. But when this capacity and its characteristics. In our first field trip we measure theMethodology 3 waters temperature, ph and turbidity.Procedure 3 AbstractData Results 4 The multidisciplinary project impact the hydrology and Vernier Software LabQuest,Data Analysis 7 Planet Guardians of Colegio how the change in land use MS Publisher 2007, ArcGIS Nuestra Sra. Del Carmen, train- can affect plant and animal Explorer, Adobe PremierConclusion 10 ing students to study watersheds communities that live along it. or Blogger and understand what happens to This project will develop Planet Guardians project is a the flow of water over them. technology skills in applica- multi-application where stu- Also, learn how human activities tions such as Logger Pro and dents have the opportunity to </li> <li> 2. Page 2 research on water quality -Temperature from several points of Sa- -Dissolved Oxygen bana Lllana stream in -Stream Flow Trujillo Alto. To perform these investigations will be -Ammonium ISE used hand held technologies -Nitrate ISE called: Vernier Technology -Chloride ISE Mr. Jos explaining the sampling process for take water quality measurements. Some of the measurements which will be performed are: -Turbidity -Conductivity Some students making -latitude &amp; longitude water quality measure- -pH ments. Purpose The project Planet watershed to understandFreedom to inquire and Guardians, enable students the flow of water in them,technology excellence to explore their own wa- how human activities within tershed and understand watersheds have been what happens to the flow shaped by its hydrology, of water over them, the and how land use by hu- Students using Vernier way in which human activi- mans is affecting the hydrol- Labquest for sampling. ties depend on the river ogy watershed. and impact the hydrology, As a component of water and the way in which the quality research, the stu- change of land use can af- dents used handhelds Lab- fect plant and animal com- Quest Vernier scientific and munities that live along it. current sensors for meas- This project also seeks to uring pH, dissolved oxygen, develop technology skills in Industrial Discharges an Un- temperature, turbidity, applications such as Vernier natural contamination cause. nitrate ion, Ammonium LabQuest, Logger Pro Soft- ion, calcium ion, chloride ware, ArcGIS Explorer, ion, conductivity and Adobe Premier, MS Office stream flow. Publisher 2007 and or Blogger. These will allow students Trash near the stream basins to investigate their own Plan et Gu ardians New s </li> <li> 3. Volu me 1 , Issu e 1 Page 3 try, levels of nitrates and phos-Methodology phates can be measured with a pho-Planet Guardians used Vernier technology to tometer Chemistries multiple analy-take water quality measurements. It will sis.choose an urban water body near the school Upon completion of the program,and then take two sampling sites. There will students will be able to: Define thebe three shots for each sample with the terms of watersheds, point sourceVernier LabQuest sensors. pollution, pollution from nonpoint sources, pH, dissolved oxygen andThe students took measurements of tem- turbidity.perature, pH, DO, conductivity, stream flow, As a component of water quality re-turbidity, ammonium, calcium, nitrate and search, students observe, calculate andChloride with Vernier sensors. If desired, to map the physical characteristics of ademonstrate the principles of water chemis- stream bank (riparian) habitat. Quanti- tatively, using handheld scientific Lab- Quest Vernier sensors and currentProcedure Vernier LabquestPart I. Physical Assessment coastal, download speed, quali- the field, running the interactiveof Water Quality tative and quantitative local software water quality, studentsDescription: As a component of watersheds. Identify by name assist in the creation of hy-water quality research, students and number of used tools re- potheses, data entry, records ofobserve, calculate and map the search scientist and physical observation and scientific find-physical characteristics of a mathematics to gather water ings on the local tap bank (riparian) habitat. quality data build a model of Objectives: Upon completion of Conductivity SensorsQuantitatively, using handheld watershed maps drawn using the program, students will bescientific LabQuest Vernier sen- titles, legends, its role and for- able to: Define the terms ofsors and current flow, measuring mulate ways they can help watersheds, point source pollu-flow velocity stream of students maintain healthy water. Recog- tion, pollution from nonpointand calculate the discharge cur- nize the general state of health sources, pH, dissolved oxy-rent average. Qualitatively, stu- and water quality a stream is gen and turbidity. Identifydents use observation skills to based on physical and chemical. local watersheds by namenote specific characteristics and and the name of number ofphysical flow. For example, titles, Part II. Chemical Evalua- different sources of pollu-legends and symbols, students Dissolve Oxygen Probe tion of Water Quality tion. Explain how pollutantscollect and analyze quantitative Description: As a component travel through the basin andand qualitative information on a of water quality research, stu- river. Explain how differentcurrent map, draw conclusions dents use handhelds LabQuest chemical properties of a stream Ion Selective Electrodesabout the water. Vernier scientific and current affect water quality. De- sensors to measure pH, dis- velop tools to use a scien-Objectives: Upon completion of solved oxygen, temperature tific model watershed andthe program, students will be able and turbidity. electronic books mathematics to gatherto: Define the terms of the wa- in the field, running the inter- chemical data of watertershed, erosion, deposition, active software water quality, quality. </li> <li> 4. Page 4 Objectives: Upon completion of the pro- Describe how macro invertebrates as gram, students will be able to:...</li></ul>