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    t fivemost peopus stingeength ofn the worle male usto lead hens and

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    Covery predaup and ruredator gkin comebands or caw muscodents, a

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    ictorsheir habiteven cultat-sensitibats as tums, monrict or sufesting fech measuare hugeured bonesuse themr feedingler branch, and even with larrds growmay buors allow

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    H35 to 41 ierms of was 10 to 2However, tts lair isTheir preymonkeys,ften havehey haveHarpy Eaforest andne of thehat if ongives it nThe namealled "habody, sha

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    nests in thonly one ted by a He mother ito comple

    ved from twinged croman 's fghorn

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    ften at abohalf-fooigh as mmuch.arry-off tsver, theyight sincrs of theously, onis meansd egg androcess.ek figureultures

    (Titanusntennaeth of abougest knowdibly


    outt inuchto




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    owerful ahunks.

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    Longnamed asg when ex6.3 inchee Amazo

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    ven flesharts of thhe male afood andsupply insubsist at surprisle speciesfor havinmost popung the la

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    n theirndingly, this sevenng the moular is theargestfrom abou






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    The size awings areaway. Howand this sbirds andThey spenamong thwings clohe forestgroups hig

    Gomonkeysfrom theirion tamaound asfruit, lizahey haveffortlesslOche averagbasin. ThUnlike mwimmersnow theirSntire liveSloths are

    and the ine noticeabwever, thserves asd other insnd m ost ohe shrubssed. Howlayers wgh above

    Goldethat liver long dearins areadults. Tards anda prehenly througOcelot

    ge housecey are nomost species. OcelotsprimarySlothses in the te slow m o

    ncredibleble even fe undersitheir camsects.of their tior in thewever, theywhen in sethe treeto

    en lioe in the foep reddisabout eigThey livesmall binsile tail,gh the trets are s

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    scence ofstance ofheir wingagainsthe forest ftory trees,een observmates or t

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    480 feet pMoss actumake themhangingosition. Three-toed

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    nd speedHowever, tspend mbirth to tpes of slot

    is 53 feettheir longmost of thetheir youths, two-t

    t per hourg armseir timeung in thtoed and

  • 7/27/2019 SCIENCE NEW.pdf