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116 WILLY SCHR0DTER 1 ') An especially important treatment point is the small bone called luz, which is so often mentioned by Rosicrucians, Hermeticists and Qabalists. However, it needs further investigation.12 18) Another, and as yet unsolved, secret is the so-called "La Main d'Or" (the Golden Hand). Perhaps what is meant is a hand which has been energized by certain training (a l Turkish Masonry) . Gold is a synonym for the sun. Ancient Egyptian hypnotists spoke of the "Sun fnger." The Romans used to call the index fnger medicu (i.e. doctor)! The Main d'Or was a band of brigands in the South of France during the 17th century who were able to throw their victims into a deep sleep with a touch of their hands as soon as they had surprised them. (Kiesers Archiv: Leipzig, 1820, Vol. VI; Part 1, p. 168). Similar secrets were rumored to be in the possession of the Mersener Bockreiter of the Lower Rhine. &2The small bone called luz has not been identified to everyone's satisfaction. It is a Qabalistic. grip which was used on it and it is generally assumed to b the coracoid process of the breastbne. MAKNG GLD But now concerning (and chiefy in this our age) the ungodly and accursed gold-making" . ... We therefore do, by these presents, publicly testify that the true philosophers are far of another mind, esteeming little the making of gold, which is but a parergon; etc. -Fama Making gold was nothing more than a parergon (incidental matter) as far as the Rosicrucians were concerned; God was their ERGON (main consideration), as we see in the sequel to the above-quoted statement: And we say with our loving Father R. C. C. Phy: aurum nisi quantum aurum, for unto them the whole nature is detected: he doth not rejoice that he can make gold, and that, as saith Christ himself, the devils are obedient unto him, but is glad that he seeth the heavens open and the angels of God ascending and descending, and his name written in the book of life.1 In 1923, a booklet was published at Hattenheim (Rheingau) entitled "Gold Making." The author was P.R. Eichelter (Ragnit bei Graz). The argument of the booklet was this: If we accept the "historical" evidence as incontrovertible that a prince of the Cherusci called HERMANN Fam Fratei, etc. ed. Dr. Ferd. Maack, (1861-1930) in. the compilation, Ge Wisenchften, Vol. I (Berlin, 1922, 3rd edition), p. 58. 128 WILLY SCHRODTER fought the Varus battle in the Teutoburg Forest; that a certain GUTENBERG invented printing and that a "heretic" Augustinian monk called Martin LUTHER nailed his famous 95 theses to the gate of the castle church in Wittenberg; then it is an unassailable fact, on the basis of information ofequal validit, that since the beginning of the 17th century there have been at least seven peole who knew how to make a preparation b means ofwhich base metal could be transmuted into the purest gold! Eichelter closes with an example which he has taken from the Geschichte der Alchemie [The Stor ofAlchemy] by Prof. Karl Christoph Schmieder. However, I shall not hand out stale news here, but shall try to show that in comparatively recent times gold making has been done by genuine alchemists (not swindlers). 1) The butcher, Johann Reichardt, who was born January 4, 1897, went on his travels after serving his apprenticeship and, at age 22, set up on his own account, beginning, at that time, a practice in natural he