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School Libraries and Student Achievement. A look at the positive correlation between effective school libraries, endorsed Media Specialists, and higher test scores. Mary Elfers MEDT 6466 Fall, 2011. 3 rd Colorado Study (2010). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>School Libraries and Student Achievement</p> <p>School Libraries and Student AchievementA look at the positive correlation between effective school libraries, endorsed Media Specialists, and higher test scores</p> <p>Mary ElfersMEDT 6466Fall, 2011</p> <p>3rd Colorado Study (2010)Stronger Libraries reduced % of students receiving unsatisfactory CSAP scores, helping to close the achievement gap Staffing schools with at least one full time endorsed librarian averaged better scores</p> <p>Expenditures Elementary schools that spent more on their libraries earned better reading performance</p> <p>3rd Colorado Study (2010)Library Visits Elementary schools with libraries visited by students more, scored better</p> <p>Periodical and Video Collections Schools with average or better collections scored better</p> <p>Achievement Gap Effective school libraries can be of greater help to students who are struggling from the achievement gap than to those already performing at grade level or better.</p> <p>James Baughman Study (2000)</p> <p>What a school thinks about its library is a measure of what it thinks about education. --Harold Howe former U.S. Commissioner of Education </p> <p>Test scores are higher when:Schools have librariesSchools have a higher per pupil book countSchools have libraries with increased student useSchools have a library instruction programSchool libraries have higher expendituresSchool libraries have a full time librarianLibrary is aligned with state curriculum frameworks</p> <p>Mansfield University Graduate Study School Library and Information Technologies DepartmentStaffing - The presence of a full time, certified librarian affects student achievement. The presence of a librarian was the single strongest predictor of reading enjoyment for both grades 3 and 6 students.</p> <p>Collaboration - Student test scores were higher the more time librarians worked cooperatively with classroom teachers, the more they taught information literacy independently, and the more they provided in-service training to teachers </p> <p>Instruction Students see that they get good grades, particularly on research projects and assignments, when there is a highly qualified school librarian to instruct and help them.</p> <p>Mansfield Graduate Study contScheduling Elementary schools with more flexibly scheduled librarians scored better in reading and writing </p> <p>Access Studies show that more access to libraries and library services increases student success rate</p> <p>Summer Reading Programs One state study showed positive correlation between participation in summer reading programs and student achievement.</p> <p>Mansfield Graduate Study contTechnology Higher achieving schools had more network connected computers throughout the school. Collections Schools with newer collections had higher test scoresBudget Schools that spend more on their library programs reported higher test scores Professional Development Study reports supported administrations that encouraged librarians to lead professional development in service trainingAchievement Gap The study demonstrated that libraries can play a very special role in providing enrichment to those students who come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and who need additional help to develop the skills they will need to succeed.</p> <p>Media Specialists = LeadersImproving Academic Achievement </p> <p>The leadership qualities that the school librarian must develop to become an effective information specialist include developing a sense of trust with the staff, communicating effectively, being patient, and understanding and sharing the schools vision Jody K. Howard, Ph.D</p> <p>School librarians as Instructional Leaders </p> <p>School Librarians as Master Teachers and Collaborators;feature=related </p> <p>School Librarians Cultivate 21st Century Learners;feature=related </p> <p>ReferencesBaughman, J. C. (2000). School Libraries and MCAS Scores. Graduate School of Library and Information Science. Simmons College, Boston, MA.</p> <p>Francis, B.H., Lance, K. C., Lietzau, Z. (2010). School librarians continue to help students achieve standards: The third Colorado study (2010). (Closer Look Report). Denver, CO: Colorado State Library, Library Research Service.</p> <p>Kachel, D. B., graduate students of Mansfield University. (2011). School Library Research Summarized: A Graduate Class Project. School Library and Information Technologies Department. Mansfield, PA. </p> <p>Howard, J. K. (2010). Information Specialist and Leader Taking on Collection and Curriculum Mapping. School Library Monthly, Sep-Oct, 2010.</p> <p>References contGoogle Images from: </p>


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