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  • School AccreditationSchool Improvement Planning

    School Accreditation Workshop

  • Purpose of WorkshopTo provide participants with an understanding of the school accreditation process.To examine progress to date within the initiative.To celebrate our successes and discuss next steps.

    School Accreditation Workshop

  • The School Accreditation ProcessInternal Review (19 Questions to Address)

    Schools Strengths and Areas Needing Improvement

    School Improvement PlanExternal Review

    Implementation of School Improvement Plan

    Annual Reports on ProgressExternal Review


    School Accreditation Workshop

  • Its About Telling Your Schools StoryWho Are You?How Are You Doing?What Needs to Change?Where Do You Want to Be?How Are You Going to Get There?How Are You Going to Know?

    School Accreditation Workshop

  • Year One The Internal Review ProcessEstablishing the Internal Review Teams and Co-chairs.Organize a Schedule of Working Sessions and TimelinesBegin collecting data.What are we doing to effectively implement the provincial curriculum in this school?What are we doing to ensure our school is a successful learning organization?

    School Accreditation Workshop

  • Year One The Internal Review ProcessCollect and organize student achievement dataall academic areasall grade levelsAnalyze student achievement and school performance dataWhat does this information tell us about our school?What conclusions can we reach based on these data?Determine priority needs Prepare Internal Review Report

    School Accreditation Workshop

  • Year One The Internal Review ProcessDevelop Priority Needs into SMART GoalsWrite draft School Improvement PlanPrepare for Visit of External Review Team

    School Accreditation Workshop

  • Lessons LearnedWhat were the most important things that you did as a school in meeting success in accreditation?What were the things you would recommend doing differently if you had the opportunity?

    School Accreditation Workshop

  • Year One The Internal Review ProcessCommunicate, communicate, communicateInvolve in planning and decision-making:School StaffSACInternal Review Team

    School Accreditation Workshop

  • Developmental Stages in the Implementation Process

    Year OneCycle BeginsInternal ReviewSchool Improvement PlanExternal ReviewYear TwoImplement PlanMonitorOngoing Data Collection

    Year TwoMeasure GrowthAnnual ReportAdjustmentsYear Three and FourSame as Year TwoYear FiveAccreditationPrepare for next cycle

    School Accreditation Workshop

  • Continuous School Accreditation Cycle

    School Accreditation Workshop

  • School Accreditation DefinedSchool Accreditation IsData-driven school improvementConsistent with DOEs and School Boards stated aim to continually improve schoolsBuilt on a self-assessment process that is inclusiveA collegial modelProviding public accountabilityValidating the schools improvement planProviding opportunities for professional growthStrengthening school-community relationsAn impetus for changeAn ongoing process that continues over cycles

    School Accreditation Workshop

  • School Accreditation DefinedSchool Accreditation Is Not:A Mechanism to assess individual staff performanceA mechanism to compare schoolsA one-time eventA school inspection

    School Accreditation Workshop

  • Year One TimelineApril-May (prior to cycle beginning)Orientation session for schoolsSchool accreditation survey conducted

    SeptemberInternal Review Team workshopSurvey data returned to schoolsSchool based accreditation day for internal reviewSchool receives funding for internal review

    School Accreditation Workshop

  • Year One TimelineOctober - NovemberInternal Review continuesSchool collects data to address accreditation questionsSelection of External Review TeamDates for visit of Team established

    DecemberDraft of Internal Review Report Completed

    JanuarySchool Improvement Planning Workshop ISchool builds a plan based on Internal Review Conclusions

    School Accreditation Workshop

  • Year One TimelineFebruarySchool continues with improvement planning

    MarchSchool Improvement Planning Workshop IIDraft School Improvement Plan completed

    April - MayExternal Team Visit to school School receives funding to implement plan

    School Accreditation Workshop

  • Reviewing the Accreditation Questions 19 QuestionsStudent AchievementTo what extent is the provincial curriculum delivered consistently throughout the school?How well are our students achieving?

    School PerformanceTo what extent is the school functioning as an effective learning organization?

    School Accreditation Workshop

  • Reviewing the Accreditation QuestionsStudent Achievement10 questions to answerSome may not apply at all levels of schoolingHow will we address these questions?

    School Performance9 questions to answerHow will we address these questions?

    School Accreditation Workshop

  • Student Achievement QuestionsHow well are our students achieving in:Language ArtsScienceMathSocial StudiesSecond Language (s)Phys EdArts

    Technology Education/Family StudiesPersonal Development and Career EducationHealth Education

    School Accreditation Workshop

  • School Performance QuestionsHow are we doing in:Meeting Learning NeedsMeeting Other Student NeedsProviding Safe and Positive EnvironmentMaximizing Student Learning

    Continuous ImprovementCreating a PLCEffective LeadershipParent/Guardian InvolvementCommunications

    School Accreditation Workshop

  • Identifying OpportunitiesCarousel ActivityOpportunities: What you are doing now to address the 19 Accreditation Questionsa description of courses offered, supporting programs implemented, classroom activities, learning strategies, instructional practices, resources utilized, and professional development engaged in by staff

    School Accreditation Workshop

  • Opportunities to LearnGuiding QuestionsWhat courses are we offering?What student learning opportunities and instructional practices are we using in our classrooms?What curriculum resources are we using to support student learning?What programs are we implementing in our school to support the curriculum outcomesWhat assessment practices are we using in the evaluation of student performance?What PD opportunities have teachers and support staff participated in over the past three years?

    School Accreditation Workshop

    IntroductionsIntroduce workshop teamIntroduce other significant personsHave internal teams introduce selves and their school

    Benefit of Being HereSupport for your taskA better schoolNetworkingetcPurpose of the Workshop

    Our two days together is to launch schools into the school accreditation processWe will focus on the Internal Review portion of the processAmplify the importance of listening carefully, getting their questions answered and seeing the seriousness of a process.that if done well will help make a better school.The School Accreditation ProcessWhile this flow chart shows the whole cycle of the school accreditation process, we will concentrate on the first two elementsThere is a lot of work to do in addressing the accreditation questions, involving school staff, students, parents and others.Need to get underway with a plan of action before you leave tomorrowPlan of action should include timeline so that a draft internal review report is completed by the end of this calendar yearWe will get together with you again in January to show you how to use your internal review to develop your draft school improvement plan, then again one more time to help you review your draft plan.Your Story, Not Someone Elses StoryThis is about your school, your schools strengths and your schools needsThis is about addressing important questions on school performance and student achievement and planning for improvementThis is about making your school a better place for student learningYear One The Internal Review ProcessInternal Review Team is broader than the 3 here today; students, parents, SAC. etc.Stress importance of getting underway as soon as you return homeDevelop a plan to get the needed data, build the draft internal review reportDelays can be costlyDetermine who will do what See A Handbook for School Accreditation Teams p. 6 Conducting an Internal Review Guidelines Stress DraftAdd your notes here!Point out the cycle of continuous improvement (p.19) Each cycle of accreditation is followed by another cycle Each cycle will focus on the specific needs of the school

    Review the Accreditation Cycle on page 20 Same information on the slide

    Discuss the specific activities and dates in Year One (p.21)Emphasize the September to December period on the cycleReview the Year One activitiesDescribe the assistance that the Internal Team receives including this workshop which helps them conduct the internal review and prepare an internal review report and the Winter workshops that will help them take their data from the internal review and build a School Improvement Plan with SMART goals.

    See page 19 in Information for Participating SchoolsPoint out where External Team and Accreditation Team fit in (not on slide but on page 19)

    Refer to page 8 in Information for Participating SchoolsSee page 21 Provide a handout with Accreditation Questions Use the hand out and the next three slides to review and discuss the 19 accreditation questionsSession Six begins tomorrow morning

    Time of meetingCarousel Activity (Tell teams that they will do this with their staff)Post the Accreditation Questions, at different locations around a roomDivide the staff into small groups and give each a copy of the guiding questionsAssign


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