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ScholarSHIPUndergraduate Research at Shippensburg University

From Student to ScholarWhat is research? An inquiry or investigation into a subject in order to discover previously unknown phenomena, find or revise facts, develop theories, find applications to new situations or problems, analyze and interpret existing knowledge and construct original works of significant intellectual merit that advance human knowledge, and ultimately help us improve the depth of our understanding of the world and universe.What is undergraduate research? Undergraduate research is an inquiry or investigation conducted by an undergraduate that makes an original intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline. (Definition by the Council on Undergraduate Research)How different is research in different academic fields? Each discipline does research in different ways and has its own research culture and conventions. So based on whether you are majoring in Chemistry, Literature, History, Engineering, Education, Business, Psychology or the Arts (or any other discipline), you are going to experience research in a very different way. Who does/can do research? Your Professors: Besides teaching, research is the primary function of academics. As part of their research, your professors have to secure funding for their projects, carry out research and finally present their findings at conferences, publish them in journals, write books and integrate them into their teaching.You: Here at Ship, you can collaborate with faculty in their ongoing projects, as well as develop your own original research both in and outside of the classroom. If you would like to present your research, there are several journals and conferences devoted to undergraduates.

From Student to ScholarResearch is an important component of every discipline (Yes, even Art.) and there are opportunities to do your own original research no matter what your major. Why should I do research as an undergraduate?Greater gains in learning science/math/logic, problem solving, literature/language/context mastery, and personal initiative and communication skillsStronger enrollment in graduate educationIncreased employment in major-related fields: Employers value creative and independent thinkingDisciplinary learning beyond traditional courses:Learning laboratory techniques in depthApplication of knowledge and skills in a research setting Significant use of the literatureSeeing how contributions to the knowledge base permit others to build upon ones efforts

From Student to Scholar(Plus its a lot of fun!)

Getting StartedThink about expanding a class paper.Talk with your advisor or other professors about opportunities for research in your discipline. Find other students that share your interests (Many departments have student clubs.) Check out the program from last years Celebration of Student Research Conference for other ideas.Step 1: Think about the type of project you might like to do.Getting StartedShippensburg University awards more than $50,000 in research grants each year.The program is competitive, so consider working with a team of professors and other students to prepare the best possible application (especially if you are new to research).You can find out more on the Institute for Public Service website.Step 2: Apply for an Undergraduate Research Grant.

Getting StartedHeld each April at Shippensburg University.In April 2010, more than two hundred students across all disciplines presented their research.You dont have to have to receive an Undergraduate Research Grant to participate.Students present oral presentations (papers) as well as posters.Conference registration will open in January.

Step 3: Present your work at the Celebration of Student Research Conference.

The Next StepNCUR National Conferences on Undergraduate ResearchCUR Posters on the HillState Capitol Poster SessionsStatewide Research DaysRegional Research DaysDisciplinary SocietiesWrite the Ship, The Reflector, Keystone JournalIndependent Study projects

Other Opportunities to Present Your Research

Undergraduate Research CommitteeQuestions? We can help. Laurie Cella

Dr. Blandine Mitaut


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