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Second Life Scavenger Hunt Activity



2. INTRODUCTION: This is an activity that will allow you, as students and newbies in Second Life, to: - navigate to various areas within SL - use basic navigational tools that are available to your Avatar - discuss where you have explored and what you have learned from it in a discussion. 3. DIRECTIONS >>> Locate directions in notecard in SL >>> Read thoroughly and follow links in blue. >>> Click on link to teleport to landmarks >>> Use arrow keys to navigate your avatar 4. DIRECTIONS >>>Take notes What you see and how you react to environments >>> Look at the quiz questions in notecard. Type your answers underneath the questions. BE SURETO CONTINUALLY SAVEYOURWORK! >>>Rename notecard Click in the Description box and rename it with your name and and easy topic to remember. You can also rename the notecard by clicking on the notecard in your inventory under the "notecards" folder. Rename by right clicking, choosing "Rename, and adding your last name to the title of the card. 5. DIRECTIONS >>> Discussion forum atWIKI link >>> Locate Scavenger Hunt Discussion forum >>>Send completed notecard to your teacher. Locating their name in the communication button area under the friends tab. Highlight their name by clicking on them and push the Profile button. Drag your notecard from your inventory to the "Give Item" box that says, DROP INVENTORY ITEM HERE.This sends a copy of your completed notecard to your teacher for grading. Make sure you've added your last name to the card so you can receive full credit for your work. 6. FRIENDS OF THE EARTH 1.Visit Friends of the Earth landmark Type answers within notecard and save when finished! *What is climate change? *What is Acidification? *What cold-blooded animal is mentioned and why could they be extinct soon? 7. ACTIVITY (CHOICE #1) Choose one (1) of the following: -Ride the jetski or hot air balloon around the island. Document what you see and take a few snapshots to share with the class.You can save them to your computer and upload them to the wiki. 8. ACTIVITY (CHOICE #2) -Check out the telescopes (stargazer) and document what is available for you to view and what it looks like. 9. ACTIVITY (CHOICE #3) -There is a "TestYour Knowledge" board you must locate and take all three quizzes. Document which quizzes you took, your answers, and take a snapshot. 10. ETOPIA 2.Visit Etopia Take the train/gondola ride.Take photos and document what you see. Get off at the log cabin calledThe Sustainable Living Library. *What did you learn from the Urban Gardening billboard/sign? 11. SUSTAINABLE LIVING LIBRARY *What did you learn from the Sustainable Garden billboard/sign? 12. ACTIVITY -Tour the library and watch the video outside by the creek. Take pics and document what you learned. 13. DEPT OF ENERGY 3.Visit Dept. of Energy *In the main building, what are some signs you find and what are they advertising? 14. DEPT OF ENERGY MAP *What does the interactive map of the U.S. detail? 15. DEPT OF ENERGY TOUR -Take a tour of the accelerator on the orange cart provided to you. 16. SAY CHEESE! *What are 2 facts you learned on the tour? ! Don't forget to take a picture! 17. ACTIVITIES Choose one (1) of the following: *Find the Atom Smasher and take a ride !Don't forget to take pictures! 18. ACTIVITY (CHOICE #2) *or/ Find the Energy Ball and take a ride 19. ACTIVITY (CHOICE #3) *Take a ride on the DOE AcceleratorVehicle 20. VISITWIKI LINK BELOWTO RESPONDTO DISCUSSION FORUM QUESTIONS.USE QUESTIONS INTHIS NOTECARD FOR A REFERENCE FOR CLASS DISCUSSIONANDWIKI DISCUSSION FORUM. If you have any questions, please feel free to IM an instructor at any time during the activity! WIKI