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<ol><li> 1. Say No to Poverty </li><li> 2. Causes -Rigid class system causes people to be unable to gain wealth, thus being stuck in a vicious poverty cycle -Some charities are corrupted and the funds that are supposed to help the needy ge embezzled </li><li> 3. Consequences The consequences of poverty are manifold: An increased crime rate is one of the main consequences of poverty, as many less fortunate people are desperate for money for food as well as other basic necessities. Thus usually developing countries have a higher crime rate than developed countries. Another main consequence of poverty is the lack of a highly skilled workforce as many people from these less fortunate countries do not have the money to attend school, hence they do not the education required to participate in jobs requiring scientific advanced knowledge. </li><li> 4. Solutions The most obvious and used solution to poverty is education Hence, many developing countries are placing an emphasis on education so as to break this cycle of poverty Other solutions include loans to people suffering from poverty which was the solution seen in the case study studied Creation of new jobs as well as cancelling huge debts are also solutions to the cycle of poverty. Being unwanted, uncared, forgoptten by everybody..(is) a much greater hunger than the man who has nothing to eat-Mother Teresa </li><li> 5. real life application The most practical application of these values to our daily lives is through donations as well as community service projects which can be both organised by the school as well as ourselves, through these projects countless people around the world will benefit. Donations of money as well as clothes or foodstuffs are one of the many examples of real life application. Many people also engage in missionary projects which is also an extremely helpful project towards the less fortunate in other countries, as it provides comfort which money may not be able to provide. Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat.-Mother Teresa </li><li> 6. THANK YOU! :) Its your turn to spread the message :) </li></ol>