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It was a group project of our subject Business Ethics, and it is summarised presentation of our project.


  • 1. Child Labour Child labour is not only a social problem but also an economic one. A child work for fourteen hours a day is what is termed as Child Labour. Child labour has predominant feature in Pakistani Society.

2. Is all work bad for children? 3. Child Labour CausesPoverty Parental Illiteracy Tradition Absence of education Low Income Orphans 4. Deprives the childUltimately each generation of poor childrenEffectsCreates and perpetuates povertySuffers physical and mental torture 5. Have a look 6. Preventive measures 7. Conclusion A cycle of poverty is formed and the need for child labour is reborn after every generation. Pakistan needs to address the situation by tackling the underlying causes of child labour through governmental policies and the enforcement of these policies. Only then will Pakistan succeed in the fight againstChild Labour. 8. Thank you.