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<ol><li> 1. SHEPPARD </li><li> 2. BAND MEMBERS </li><li> 3. George Sheppard VOCAL KEYBORAD PIANO HARMONICA VOCAL </li><li> 4. Jason Bovino Dean Gordon guitar, backing vocals drums </li><li> 5. MICHAEL BUTLLER EMMA SHEPPARD </li><li> 6. POPULAR SONGS Geronimo: 2014 Let me down easy: 2014 Somethings missing: 2014 Hold my tongue: 2012 Smile: 2014 Halfway to hell: 2014 A grade playa </li><li> 7. HISTORY Sheppard=2009 Its lead track , "Let Me Down Easy" , was nominated for Best Independent Release at the ARIA. In 2012 the group finish </li><li> 8. What sort of people like their music? Young people </li><li> 9. SAY WHY YOU LIKE THIS SONG? How the song makes we feel? When we like to listen to it? What the song means? </li><li> 10. Quote your favourite line? represent that when you have a problem with someone, you can wait for the time and dont make anything for resolve the problem or you can make a bridge or the same, you can find diferent solves for resolve SAY GERONIMO my favouriet line is say geronimo. like this part of the song because is the part that is more funy and happy! </li><li> 11. Lyrics video </li></ol>