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This was a 3 minute introduction on Say Cheese Writers used at the Creatives Garage held in August 2012 at PAWA254


<p>3 Minute Presentation Say Cheese Writers the company</p> <p>SAY CHEESE WRITERS IN 3 MINUTES </p> <p>Lilian Okado T: @lilianokado </p> <p>Blogger, Copywriter, Internet Marketing Consultant, </p> <p>Random Poet </p> <p>OUR HISTORY </p> <p> August 2008 - Established </p> <p>2009 - Content Department </p> <p>October 2010 - Officially Registered </p> <p> Internet Marketing Dept. </p> <p> HISTORY </p> <p> PRESENTLY </p> <p> Content &amp; Inbound Marketing Agency </p> <p> PRESENTLY </p> <p> Content </p> <p>We help you communicate better.... </p> <p>A. Blogging company &amp; personal blogs on any niche B. Copywriting - marketing collateral, websites, etc. C. Ghostwriting books, articles, eBooks, etc. </p> <p>Let me shoot your family, so that you dont have to shoot them yourself! </p> <p> ...says the photographer. </p> <p> PRESENTLY </p> <p> Inbound Internet Marketing </p> <p>= The opposite of outbound marketing or traditional marketing </p> <p>We help you FIND online prospects, and CONVERT these prospects into customers </p> <p> A. Content Marketing Blogging, whitepapers, infographics, etc. B. Social Media Marketing FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. C. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) &amp; Analytics help you </p> <p>rank better and measure success of your campaigns </p> <p> PRESENTLY </p> <p> Inbound Marketing Training </p> <p> An EDUCATED customer is our BEST customer. We offer training on our industry via: </p> <p>a) Company blog - b) Say Cheese Writers factory workshops c) Onsite company training. </p> <p>GIVEAWAY: FREE Analysis of FB page for TWO participants </p> <p>We help businesses: Communicate BETTER. </p> <p> FIND &amp; CONVERT online prospects into customers. </p> <p> GROW their business through training. </p> <p> IN A NUTSHELL... </p> <p> ITS IN THE PUDDING... </p> <p>International Clients </p> <p>Local Clients </p> <p>Landline: +254 20 207 4305; Mobile: +254 722 495 832 Email:; Website : </p>