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<p>Save Yourself, Save Your HomeBy Ooi Jing Zhi</p> <p>Danger is literally everywhere. It could be in the vast outside world, or it also could be in the home you think is the safest place. The most common danger that could occur in our home sweet home is a fire. Thousands of families had lost their belongings because of a fire. Today, we are going to discuss the safety measures to avoid fire mishaps and the things that need to be done in case of a fire at home.</p> <p>The chances of a fire starting in the kitchen are relatively higher than other parts of the house. This is because the kitchen is where we use fire the most. In this case, the safety measure needed is to be extra careful when cooking with hot oil as hot oil tends to catch fire easily. Then, every family is advised to place a functional fire extinguisher in the kitchen and the correct steps for using it are memorized. The fuss is for the first eye witness of the fire in the kitchen to take action immediately upon seeing the fire. It is also for the fire to be extinguished before spreading even further.</p> <p>A socket is where you insert a plug. As the demand of having more electrical appliances in the house increases, extensions now come with different designs. However, over usage of extensions, or also known as socket overloading, tend to cause fire more easily than normal usage of sockets. So, overloading of sockets is not advised. Then, usage of sockets and electrical appliances in long time intervals produce large amounts of heat energy, which could easily cause a fire. Therefore, it is encouraged to switch off all electrical appliances when not in use.</p> <p>There are families who like to light up rooms using candles instead of normal lighting for some reason. Fires occur easily if the candles are lighted and not put out properly. In some situations, the candles are blown in a hurry and it is not checked if it has been blown out completely. It is because of this carelessness that fires occur. Also, everyone is encouraged to have a torch close at hand at all times.</p> <p>These safety measures are to avoid fire mishaps that could possibly lead to loss of property. A small controllable fire might be a friend but a big unattended fire could be the devil that devours all of your possessions. Therefore, we must be more careful when handling fire. </p>