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Marvel Comics released this special edition comic book in 1996, featuring a bunch of the most popular rock music acts of the day - all of whom contributed cover songs to "Saturday Morning Cartoons' Greatest Hits." The songs appeared in a Cartoon Network special (later released on home video) and on a soundtrack CD. Artists featured included the Ramones ("Spiderman"), Liz Phair ("Tra La La Song"), Violent Femmes ("Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah"), and WAX ("Happy Happy Joy Joy") - among others.


  • SATURDAY M9RNINGTM: THE COMIC Vol. 1, No.1, March, 1996. Published by MAR,VEL COMICS, Gerard Calabrese, President. Stan Lee, Publisher. OFFICE OF PUBLICATION: 387 PARK AVENUESOUTH, NEW YORK, N.Y. 10016. Price $1.95 per copy in the U.S. and $2.75 in Canada. GST #R127032852. Spider-Man: TM & Marvel Characters, Inc. All rights reserved. Speed Racer 1995 SpeedRace Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved. The Archies and Groovie Goolies 1995 Hallmark Entertainment. All rights reserved. H. R. Pufnstuf, The Bugaloos and Sigmund & The Seamonsters C 1995 Sid &Marty Kroft Pictures. All rights reserved. Gigantor 1995 Entercolor Technologies, Corp. All rights reserved. Popeye King Features Syndicate. Flintstones, Banana Splits, Hong Phooey, Jetson, ScoobieDoo, Johnny Quest and Dastardly & Muttey & TM HannaBarbara Productions, Inc., A Tumer Company. "Josey & the Pussycats" is a trademark of Archie/radio Comics, Inc. C 1970 HannaBarbaraProductions, Inc. a Turner Company and Archie Comics "Teenamation" Inc. All rights reserved. 1995 MCA Records, Inc. Universal City, CA 91608 U.S.A. No similarity between any of the names, charac-ters, persons, and/or institutions in this magazine with those of any living or dead person or institution is intended. and any such similarity which may exist is purely coincidental. This periodical may not be soldexcept by authorized dealers and is sold subject to the condition that it shall not be sold or distributed with any of its cover or markings removed, nor in a mutilated condition. Printed in USA.

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