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Saturday morning. 09:23 Dumped fill 2006 after 25h59m stable beams Atlas 100.5 pb-1 Alice 175 nb-1 CMS 98.3 pb-1 LHCb: 31.5 pb-1 Access for Alice 11:00 ALICE intervention on cooling finished C ycle Alice’s solenoid 12:15 Pilots in. Injection. Bunch intensity 1.25e11 Injection clean - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


FGC Software Design Review

09:23 Dumped fill 2006 after 25h59m stable beamsAtlas 100.5 pb-1Alice 175 nb-1CMS 98.3 pb-1LHCb: 31.5 pb-1

Access for Alice11:00 ALICE intervention on cooling finishedCycle Alices solenoid12:15 Pilots inSaturday morningBunch intensity 1.25e11Injection cleanSPS BQM stopped a number of injections due to bunch lengthwirescans 144b-train: B1-H: 1.4 B1-V: 1.3 B2=H: 1.6 B2-V: 1.9

Vertical blow-up on a least some bunches fleeting noted

13:45 Ramp startedThe Tune FB stopped in the B1-H plane several times at the start of the squeeze measurement stability out of boundsInjection

7-8-2011LHC status14:45 Stable beamsTotal intensity 1.73e14Average bunch intensity 1.25e11Initial luminosity ~1.95e33Average emittance ~2.15 microns

Note high vacuum around 3 & 7Fill 2007Vacuum

7-8-2011LHC statusBunch-by-bunch from BRAN

7-8-2011LHC statusLosses on TCTVB.4R8LHC status7-8-2011

We have found that the losses at the TCTVB.4R8 are actually correlated with the losses at the TCP of IP3. What we see is then a leakage from the momentum cleaning.

Temperature TCTVB.4R8LHC status7-8-2011

VacuumLHC status7-8-2011

Note also improvement in 3 & 707:40 Fill 2007 dumped PIC PLC R1 UJ16Lost matching section R1Markus Zerlauth: memory corruption, remote reset possible

Stable beams: 17h12m ~80 pb-1 delivered in Atlas/CMS

Reset, pre-cycle and go

Sunday morning7-8-2011LHC statusLHC status7-8-2011

LHC status7-8-2011