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    COVER PHOTO: Empire Ranch, founded in 1876, is a

    working cattle ranch in southeastern Pima County,

    north of Sonoita, AZ. It was placed on the National

    Register of Historic Places in 1976. In its heyday,

    Empire Ranch was one of the largest in Arizona,

    with a range spanning over 180 square miles. Its

    owner, Walter L. Vail, was an important figure in the

    establishment of southern Arizona's cattle industry.

    The 29-room ranch house is currently under

    renovation (re-opening in October) but the ranch is

    worth visiting now. Stunning prairies and mountain

    views make the trek along highway 83 to Empire

    Ranch a spectacular day trip. Dine at The Steak Out

    Restaurant & Saloon in Sonoita for

    a real taste of the west!

    an excellent meal



    Photo by Bonnie Gonzales

    St. Patrick's DayDinner & Dance

    Corned Beef& Cabbage

    Served from 4-6:00pDance begins at 6:30

    Saturday, March 17

    $10.00per person

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    Managers NotesMaika'i Hawaiian Luau

    We were treated to a delightful Hawaiian Luau on Saturday,

    February 17, that was sponsored by the Roadrunner's. The

    Roadrunner's pulled out all the stops in transforming the

    clubhouse into a Hawaiian theme, complete with Hawaiian

    Luau entertainment and a delicious Hawaiian dinner. The

    director of this fun event was Mary Eckdahl. The program was

    emceed by Jan McDonald. We were entertained by Donna

    Dorland who sang Bali Ha'i. Hula Dancers (Maxine

    Abelowitz; Erna Bulow; Barbara Elliott; Laura Felton; Jasmine

    Lane; Nellie Webb; and Mary Eckdahl-instructor

    extraordinaire) who danced to Little Keika. Guitarists Jeff

    Leslie, Fred Thompson, and Nellie Webb, who performed

    Margaritaville. Warriors (Denny Eckdahl, Russ Bulow and

    Fred Thompson) who danced to YMCA. A ukulele

    performance by Cyrus Roschlau who played Somewhere

    over the Rainbow. The Hula Dancers made another entrance,

    dancing to Blue Hawaii; followed by Dave Daniels who sang

    Tiny Bubbles. There was another performance by the Hula

    Dancers and the Warriors who together danced to Volcano.

    The finale was a sing along for the entire audience to Aloha

    Oe. I was very impressed by the extent to which the

    Roadrunners went to give all an unforgettable night. After the

    talented residents finished their performances, the

    Roadrunners had scheduled the band, Soft Winds, (through

    Bonnie Flint), to finish out the night so attendees could dance.

    Of course, we would be remiss if we didn't thank all of the

    volunteers involved who worked diligently behind the scenes.

    The cooks were: Laura Felton, Donna Leslie, Donna Dorland,

    and Kathy Boehem. The judges of the table decorations were:

    Tracy Sallee and Carleen Roberts. Photo shoot: Jacob

    Abelowitz. Volunteers who set up tables: Nellie Webb,

    Maxine Abelowitz and Mary and Denny Eckdahl. Ice tea,

    lemonade, and punch: Judy Cameron. Piano accompanist:

    Charmain McCullough. Drummer: Jerry Kennedy.

    Decorations: Jane Kamps, Denny and Mary Eckdahl, Ila and

    Lynnette Forster, Margie Busa and Cathy Pochatko; and

    wrapped tableware: Donna Dreher. I hope all who

    participated were remembered here. We extend a heartfelt

    Mahalo for a most entertaining and enjoyable evening!

    Transformer 9 Replacement

    This is a reminder that the replacement of transformer 9 on the

    north side of the park, is scheduled for the week of March 5. Q

    & D Electric will begin the prep work on Monday, March 5,

    with the prep work continuing through Wednesday, March 7,

    and culminating with the shutting down of power beginning

    at 11:00 PM Wednesday evening. The actual removal of the old

    transformer and replacement with a new transformer should

    take approximately 6-7 hours with the re-energizing of power

    NOTICE: RCMHP does NOT endorse, recommend, or warranty any service providers in this newsletter.

    M A N A G E M E N T & S TA F F

    Management, Manager

    Dave Daniel, Assistant Manager

    Rincon Country & Bliss Office StaffJoanne Amado, Accounting


    Allen GnatowskyJeff Mosser

    Denise Augustine

    Luke York

    Editor / Graphic Designer

    , Maintenance Supervisor


    Rincon ViewsBonnie Gonzales,

    Road Runners

    Maxine Abelowitz, President, Karen Mack, Vice President

    Donna Dorland, Calendar & Community Center

    Reservations: 520-661-9374 or

    Ticket Sales: ;

    Mary Eckdahl 605-759-1550; Karen Mack 360-801-6747

    3411 Homeowners Association

    Phyllis Kasterkoff, President


    Maxine Abelowitz 520-631-5358

    by 6:00 AM Thursday, March 8. According to the transformer

    map, the homes affected will be lots 264 through 271; lots 453

    through 460; and lots 503 through 510. We appreciate your

    understanding during this necessary project.

    Yard Contest

    The next section that we are looking at comprises lots 345

    through 392. The judging for this area will take place this

    month, and the winner will be announced in April.

    Remember, your Rincon experience is what you make it!

    Denise Augustine

    General Manager of Rincon Country MHP

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    Somewhere in the RINCON VIEWS there is a tiny

    hidden cactus - worth a $20 gift certificate. If you find

    it fill out this form (or use your own paper) and turn it

    in at the office in the Roadrunner Basket. Winner will

    be drawn Friday, March 9 at Roadrunner Coffee.

    Name ____________________________________

    Space # _________ Phone #__________________

    Cactus location ____________________________

    (Cactus was hidden on page 13 in Celebrations title)

    Do you need Transportation?

    The Eastside Neighbors Volunteer Program (ENVP)

    offers transportation to:

    Medical/dental appointments

    Prescription pick-ups

    Grocery shopping

    Or, perhaps if available

    A friendly visitor?

    A weekly telephone call?

    Light yardwork?

    Minor home repair?

    Dog walking/dog sitting?

    Call (520) 245-4729 for more information or email: Eastside Neighbors Volunteer

    Program is a Member of the Neighbors Care Alliance

    (NCA) and works under the direction of Pima Council of

    Aging (PCCA).

    Senior Transportation

    New Years Day was perfect for our annual non-polar Polar Plunge!

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    Assistant Managers Notes

    Happy March Rincon residents! What an unusual winter we

    have had, or should I say we have not had, as it has been so

    warm and we have set some new records.

    We are still having some issues with security so I am

    enclosing an article from a resident.

    A Residents Story

    Do you lock the doors to your house every time you leave?

    How about your car in your driveway? On Saturday

    February 3rd at 4:30 pm, in broad daylight, someone tried to

    siphon the gas from my car in the driveway! I not only lock

    my car, but alarm it. The alarm went off and scared the thief

    off. Please protect your property! Also, when you are a snow

    bird, or go a


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