satire what are examples of satire that come to your mind?

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Satire What are examples of satire that come to your mind?

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Satire What are examples of satire that come to your mind? Slide 2 SATIRE Slide 3 Satire It is a genre of COMEDY that is directed at ridiculing human foibles and vices, such as vanity, hypocrisy, stupidity, and greed. It differs from pure comedy in that the aim is not simply to evoke laughter, but to expose and censure such faults, often with the aim of correcting them. The target of the satire may vary. Slide 4 Another definition A writing designed to make readers criticize themselves, society, human foolishness and weakness, human vices and crimes, or anything the writer is dissatisfied about in general in an attempt to bring about some sort of change. Slide 5 Satires can target an individual In some works, it is a particular individual, as in a Simpsons episode - it is directed at a contemporary president, George Bush, whom Matt Goering depicts as too strict and up-tight. Slide 6 Satires can target a group or set of people. An example of this is the satire against the members of the American military establishment in Joseph Hellers Catch-22 (1961). A satire against an institution, such as totalitarianism in George Orwells Animal Farm (1946). Slide 7 Satires can even aim at the whole of humanity For example, Book IV of Jonathan Swifts Gullivers Travels (1726). That section of the novel is set on an imaginary island, which is inhabited by two radically opposed species: the brutish Yahoos, who have the outward form of human beings, and their masters, the Houyhnhnms, talking horses who embody the humane intelligence that the Yahoos entirely lack. Slide 8 Direct Satire also called formal satire In direct satire, the FIREST-PERSON NARRATOR addresses a specific audience. either the reader or an invented listener, whom he or she expects will sympathize with the views expressed. Direct satire is the oldest and, historically, most common form of satiric writing. Slide 9 Comedians like direct satire Because explicit satire is more efficient, it is the kind most likely to be presented by comedians. Slide 10 Indirect satire Indirect satire or informal satire, the usual mode of ridicule in stories, poems, plays or novels, is not cast in the form of a direct address to the audience. Rather, the indictment of the characters vices and lies is implied by simply representing their thoughts and actions. Sometimes that presentation is helped by the commentary of an INTRUSIVE THIRD-PERSON NARRATOR. Slide 11 Turn to your partner and analyze the satire in this poem. By the time you swear youre his, Shivering and sighing, And he vows his passion is Infinite, undying Lady, make a note of this; One of you is lying. -Dorothy Parker, Unfortunate Coincidence Slide 12 Two types of Satire Although satire began with the plays of Aristophanes, the main founders of the form were two Roman poets, Horace (65-68 B.C.E.) and Juvenal (c. 65 c. 135 C.E.). Each wrote a distinctive type of satire that has given its name to and inspired the two major categories of subsequent satiric works. Slide 13 Horatian Satire is gentle Gentle and humorous satire is called Horatian Satire after the writing style of the Roman poet Horace. Horatian satire is tolerant and urbane, indulgently mocking faults with the aim of evoking wry amusement rather than repulsion or indignation in the audience Characterized by playful mockery, a conversational and often gently instructive tone, and easily accessible language Slide 14 Horatian Satire Horatian satire places more emphasis on the comedic aspects, but this does not mean that it can not incorporate biting social commentary; quite the opposite, in fact. The Horatian technique employs subtlety instead of resorting to a direct attack, prompting some to accuse the Horatian tone of an excess of tolerance. Slide 15