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SATIRE and IRONY. A MODEST POWER POINT. Irony: Verbal, Dramatic, & Situational Irony. Generally , irony is the difference between what someone does or says in relation to what is understood about what is done or said. From IRONY. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



A MODEST POWER POINTSATIRE and IRONYGenerally, irony is the difference between what someone does or says in relation to what is understood about what is done or said. From

Irony: Verbal, Dramatic, & Situational IronyIt is easy to confuse irony and coincidence.

Irony is not just good or bad luck. IRONYVerbal irony is the use of words to convey something other than, and especially the opposite of the literal meaning of the words, to emphasize, aggrandize, or make light or a circumstance or subject.

Verbal Irony

A man stares out a window looking at a miserably muddy rainy day and remarks, "lovely day for a stroll."

This remark is ironic because it expresses the opposite of the circumstances.

example of verbal ironyTragic irony or Dramatic Irony is employed to heighten the suspense in a given situation. In this form of irony, the audience knows something that the characters do not. Dramatic Irony

Horror films often use this as the audience sees the murderer sneak up to the protagonist, but the characters do not. A perfect example is in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, when Romeo commits suicide when he believes Juliet to be dead.

Example of dramatic ironySituational Irony occurs in literature and in drama when people and events come together in improbable situations, creating a tension between expected and real results. Situational Irony

If the president of Microsoft, Bill Gates, were to win a contest and the grand prize was a computer system, the irony would be situational because such a circumstance would appear ridiculous or "funny" for a number of reasons. Bill Gates doesn't need a computer, he runs the world's largest software company, and he's filthy rich, so winning a computer seems silly and "ironic".

EXAMPLE OF SITUATIONAL IRONYBill Gates has just as much chance of winning a contest like that as anyone else who entered. A computer is a great prize to wins, etc. The true "oddness" cannot be explained logically, even though everyone would find that particular situation weird, funny, and "ironic". This sense of being "unfair" or "unfortunate" is a trademark of situational irony.

Explanation of examplePersona is a Latin word meaning actors mask.

It is a role that a person or author plays. It is an act. It is a public image. We use them to express ideas, emotions, or beliefs in a dramatic way.

The author may be a quiet, stoic man, but their persona may be a loud, emotional woman.

Write a few examples from TV or movies where the character is NOTHING like the actor.

PERSONASatire is a literary term used to ridicule or make fun of human vice or weakness, often with the intent of correcting, or changing, the subject of the satiric attack.

Rich Guy Feeling Left Out Of Recession


This clip from The Daily Show showcases an interview about violence and video games. The interview demonstrates two types of irony. 2. Identify both types of irony. 3. Give an example from the clip.Violent Video Games

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