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  • Filtration Industry Analyst June 1999



    A state-of-the-art validation laboratory has opened at Pall Europe in Portsmouth, UK, to serve the pharmaceu- tical industry.

    Laboratory director, Dr Peter Ball, says the new facili- ty has been designed and built to meet the global needs of the biopharmaceutical industry for scientifically sound testing fil- tration and separations sys- tems. This new validation lab- oratory will be staffed by experienced validation special- ists to support the sophisticat- ed testing required by biophar- maceutical customers. They will guide customers through initial process review, prepara- tion of agreed protocols, test- ing and final documentation. The new laboratory will respond to increasing interna- tional customer demand and more than doubles the existing capacity for validation testing. Portsmouth will now be the key European facility in a worldwide network of Pall val- idation laboratories.


    FACILITY Donaldson Company is to shut its Oelwein, Iowa, man- ufacturing facility, which produces metal fabricated air cleaners and components.

    Closure is expected by the end of the calendar year. The need to be cost competitive and the market transition from metal to plastic air cleaners are the overriding reasons for our intent to close the Oelwein facility, said Will iam Van IWe, chairman and chief executive officer of Donaldson.

    About 125 employees will be affected by the planned clo- sure. Employment levels will decline as work is phased out during the year.


    PERFORMANCE Posting considerable im- provements in net income and operating result, the Sartorius Group achieved the best results of its entire corporate history last year.

    For the Sartorius Group, the operating result was DM30.2 million in 1998, an improvement of DM6.6 mil- lion over last years DM23.6 million. Group net income rose DM3.5 million to DM15.0 million, up from DMI 1.5 mil- lion a year earlier.

    Net sales for the Sartorius Group, reported at DM479.6 million, also reached an all- t ime high in fiscal 1998. The Separation Technology Divi- sion boosted net sales by 8.1 per cent to DM182 million. All regions contributed to this sales growth, particularly Asia and southern Europe. The pharmaceutical segment reported the highest growth, while the laboratory seg- ment remained level with last year.

    At group level, capital expenditures during 1998 climbed to DM21.6 million, from DM13.7 million a year earlier, The bulk of these expenditures focused on mea- sures to expand production facilities and capacities, in both the Weighing Technology and Separation Technology Divisions. Group spending on research and development increased 12 per cent to DM32.9 million.


    Millipore Corporation has acquired Bioprocessing Cor- poration Limited, a private UK-based company that dev- elops, manufactures and sells chromatograpbic media for the puritication of proteins.

    Bioprocessing had 1998 revenues of approximately US$3.9 million. The transac- tion is valued at US$19.7 mil- lion based on an exchange of 660 000 shares of Millipore stock for 100 per cent of the stock of Bioprocessing.

    The acquisition strengthens Millipores technical product offering to its biotechnology and pharmaceutical customers. The Biopharmaceutical & Research business segment accounted for 74 per cent of Millipores 1998 revenues. Nicholas Lambo, the general manager of Millipores Bio- Process division, said that Bio- processings technology fitted well with Millipores long term strategy in protein purification, complementing Millipores existing membrane and chro- matographic products. Lambo believes that the Bioprocessing acquisition makes Millipore a much more attractive business partner to the worlds biotech companies in new therapeutics such as monoclonal antibodies.

    Bioprocessing Corporation was founded by Dr Frank Roberts with financial backing from the UK venture capital group, Alta-Berkeley Associ- ates, to exploit the opportunities for scale-up process separation and purification in the biophar- maceutical industry. Roberts will continue in his technical leadership role at Bioprocessing.


    GREEN Flairs Killarney, Ireland plant has become the first United Dominion location to earn IS0 14000 in addition to IS0 9001.

    This designation means that the plant passes all envi- ronmental, health and safety requirements, including com- plete traceability of its manu- facturing waste. The Kil lamey plant manufactures filters, filter elements and air-oil separators.

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