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video presentation for sarah's birthday


<ul><li> 1. 3<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. 2<br /> 3. 1<br /> 4. ACTION!<br /> 5. WHAT IS THE MEANING OF<br />TRUE<br />BEAUTY?<br /> 6. ARE YOU <br />BEAUTIFUL<br />BECAUSE OF<br />YOUR :<br />APPEARANCE?<br />INTELLIGENCE?<br />ATTITUDES?<br /> 7. ISAIAH 64:8<br />WE ARE THE CLAY, <br />YOU ARE THE POTTER;<br />WE ARE ALL THE WORK OF <br />YOUR HAND.<br /> 8. WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL<br />IN GODS EYES FOR <br />WE ARE <br />FEARFULLY<br />AND <br />WONDERFULLY<br />MADE<br />(PS. 139:14)<br /> 9. BEING TRULY ATTRACTIVE<br />WAS NOT ABOUT OUR<br />HIPS<br />HAIRDOS<br />AND<br />BUT ABOUT OUR<br />HEARTS! <br /> 10. C<br />TO<br />BER<br />O<br />ELEBRATION<br />FFICIAL<br />REMEM<br /> 11. CELEBRATION <br />OF FAMOUS PEOPLES<br />BIRTHDAY<br /> 12. 13. HIGHER<br />than<br />THE BIRTHDAY<br />FAMOUS<br />A<br />OF<br />PERSON<br />BUT TODAY, <br />JUST<br />WERE NOT<br />CELEBRATING<br /> 14. BECAUSE<br />WERE<br />CELEBRATING<br />PRINCESS<br />SARAH<br />18TH<br />THE<br />BIRTHDAY <br />OF OUR<br /> 15. ?<br />S<br />A<br />R<br />A<br />H<br />WEET<br />WHOSE<br />NGELIC<br />YOU DONT KNOW?<br />CA ING<br />LOVBLE<br />UMBLE<br /> 16. TRULY A DAUGHTER OF CHRIST<br />PASSION<br />FOR <br />MINISTRY<br />COMPASSION<br /> TO<br />OTHERS<br />HAVE<br />AND<br /> 17. WHAT<br />THAT<br />MAKES<br />BEAUTIFUL!<br />YOU<br /> 18. A COMBINATION OF TWO :<br />INNER<br />OUTER<br />AND<br />BEAUTY!<br /> 19. PROVEN<br />OUTER<br />BEAUTY<br /> 20. TESTED<br />INNER<br />BEAUTY<br /> 21. CONSIDERED<br />RECOGNIZED<br />SHE DIDNT<br />TREATED<br />OR EVEN<br />AS FANS<br />FRIENDS!<br />HER<br />BUT AS<br />FANS<br /> 22. 23. WHAT<br />THAT<br />MAKES<br />BEAUTIFUL!<br />YOU<br /> 24. ONE<br />TO THE<br />WHO<br />WALKS IN FAME<br />WITH A<br />HUMBLE<br />HEART<br /> 25. AMIS DE SARAH<br />WILL ALWAYS BE HERE<br />AND<br />WILL NEVER LEAVE<br /> 26. YOU<br />WILL ALWAYS<br />OUR<br />BE <br />BEAUTIFUL<br />PRINCESS.<br /> 27. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!<br />MWUAAAAAH<br />WE</p>